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How to Create a Google Group

Creating a Group in Google for Education is a simple process:

  1. Create a Group.
  2. Invite members.

Create a Google Group

1. Once you are logged into your email account, click Groups at top-left in Gmail:

Then, from the Groups screen, click Sign-in at top-right:

2. Click the New group button.

3. Give your Group a name. All Groups will have a -group suffix appended to the name. Also, if you use spaces in the name, those will be converted to dashes for the group email address.

4. Write a brief description about your Group (required).

5. Now, choose who can view, post and join from the following choices:

  • Managers of the group
  • All members of the group (this includes managers)
  • All organization members
  • Anyone

6. Create a “New member question” (optional) and/or go through your advanced settings. Note that you can view and change all these settings after you’ve created the group as well.

7. Next, click the Create  group button at the top of the page to continue.

Invite people to join the group

On the next screen, you can choose how to initially populate your Group:

  • Invite members by email – invite members to become part of your Group, with an option to send a custom email invitation.
  • Add members directly – Add members yourself, with an option to notify them by email.


Email addresses should be separated by commas.

When finished, clicked the Send Invites (or Add) button. Your members will be added/invited and will receive a notification email (if you chose that option).

You will receive a confirmation email informing you your group has been created.

Now What?

  • Members can email your Group at:
  • Members can also access your Group’s website (if they have access); refer to the Group home page address you’ll receive in your confirmation email.
  • Next, you’ll likely want to customize your Group’s settings, as well as learn how to manage your Group. Refer to our How to Manage Your Google Group page to learn more, or visit Google’s Groups Help Center for detailed info on managing and using Groups.

Of course, the OIT Help Desk is available for any questions you may have about Google Groups. Contact us at 426-4357, or via e-mail at

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