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Free Microsoft Office for Boise State Faculty and Staff

Microsoft Office

The Office of Information Technology is pleased to announce Microsoft Office is now available free of charge to Boise State faculty and staff for personally owned computers.

Under the Microsoft Office Student Advantage program, actively employed faculty and staff may download and install Office on up to five computers at no charge.

Other versions of the Microsoft Office suite allowing access to additional applications or features are also available at a modest cost.

Details and download information are available our website at

Google for Education Stats: How Do You Compare?

Google for Education Stats Q1 2015

Looking at web and software stats can, minimally, let you know whether and how much people utilize your products and services. But what other information can we gain by looking closely at Boise State University Google for Education usage stats for the first quarter of 2015?

Number of emails received per month (avg) 209 1,178
Number of emails sent per month (avg) 30 344
Google+ Logins for Q1 5,139 1,216
Gmail storage used (avg) 75 MB 680 MB
Google Drive storage used (avg) 61 MB 394 MB
Google Drive top storage usage (top student and top employee) 2 TB 2 TB
Google Drive top number of files (top student and top employee) 611,578 files owned 184,333 files owned

Interesting Statistics

  • The percentage of students and the percentage of employees who use Google+ is about the same.
  • Employees are about twice as likely as students to use their Boise State Google Drive and Google Calendar and about five times as likely to use their Boise State email account.
  • Students and employees upload about 10 times as many documents to Google Drive than we create as Google Docs.
  • We use Google Chrome over other browsers: 45% of students and 42% of faculty use Google Chrome.

Detailed Stats

Click the image to view a full-sized report.

Google for Education Stats Q1 2015 small image


For information on using Google for Education apps and services, visit

Print, Scan and Copy in B&W or Color at any BroncoPrint Station

Print, Scan, Copy

You can now print, scan or copy–in black and white or color–at any BroncoPrint station at Boise State using the new multifunction devices located in The Zones, labs and kiosks around campus. The Office of Information Technology Customer Care Team replaced 38 printers and the old print release systems in April and May with the new multifunction devices that copy, scan and print.

Same Service and Devices Available Across Campus

Since we installed the same multifunction device at each BroncoPrint station, you only have to learn one system to scan, print or copy in black and white or color anywhere on campus.

Print from Any Computer Including Your Own

You can print to any BroncoPrint station from any lab or kiosk computer or from your own computer with a quick software download and set up over the eduroam Wi-Fi network.

New! Scan in Color or Black and White

You can now scan black and white or color documents at BroncoPrint stations and email the electronic version of the scanned document to your Boise State, or other, email address.

New! Copy in Color or Black and White

You can now easily make color or black and white copies and print these in color or black and white at any BroncoPrint station.


Not only did we get a significant discount on the printers based on the quantity purchased, but we’re also saving money over time now that we can purchase toner in bulk. We used to maintain several printer and copier models, each with its own toner, parts and maintenance. Now, we have one one device, one toner cartridge model and one maintenance program for all our BroncoPrint system.

Find a BroncoPrint Station Near You

Visit the Office of Information Technology website to find a BroncoPrint station near you.

Want a Tour or Some Assistance?

Visit one of The Zones or contact the Help Desk at 208-426-4357, or chat for assistance or a tour of our new BroncoPrint multifunction devices.

Max’s Minute: A New and Improved Office of Information Technology

New, Improved O I T!

Just like death and taxes, change cannot be avoided.

However, change can be exciting, and Chief Information Officer Max Davis-Johnson has some exciting changes to announce:

We’ve Reorganized

Our overall goal was to develop a closer alignment of our support areas to improve customer experience and support resolution.

By aligning our interactive support areas under me (Chief Information Officer), and combining our backend support departments under a new Deputy Chief Information Officer role, we are positioned to achieve synergies necessary to become more innovative and agile while providing a consistent, high level of service.

Here’s a rundown of our organizational changes:

  • As mentioned, we created a new Deputy Chief Information Officer position. Reporting to this individual are our Project Management Office, Cloud Services & Infrastructure – Applications, Cloud Services & Infrastructure – Systems, Network and Security, and Development teams.
  • We merged our Business Intelligence and Reporting Services unit into Development. Development now consists of PeopleSoft, Web/Mobile, Integration, and Business Intelligence developers and production support staff. We are selecting a Production Support Manager to coordinate production support between all the teams. Troy Haan is currently acting as Interim Director of Development.
  • Doug Ooley has assumed responsibility for Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), adding to his role as Information Security Officer.
  • Learning Technology Solutions is adding Stan Smith to centralize campus multimedia support and alignment with the IDEA (Instructional Design and Educational Assessment) Shop. Leif Nelson is currently acting as Interim Director of Learning Technology Solutions.
  • Jack Norris, Maurya Bourgeois, and Chris Magnum – our Database Administrators – are now with our Cloud Services & Infrastructure – Applications team.
  • Gary Kincaid, Tonya Buie, and Hannah Nguyen who form our Identity Management Team are also part of the Cloud Services & Infrastructure – Applications team.
  • Our Testing and QA Coordinator, Patrick Schafer, has moved to the Project Management Office.
  • Eric Kollmann and Andrew Spencer have transitioned from our Information Security department to the Network and Security Team to consolidate network security efforts.

In addition, the following positions are being reclassified:

  • Associate Director Network and Security (Matt O’Brien).
  • Associate Director Cloud Services & Infrastructure – Applications (John Muir).
  • Associate Director Cloud Services & Infrastructure – Systems (Tory Jamison).
  • Associate Director Communications (Shad Jessen).

Finally, we are creating technology career progression plans for the following job families:

  • System Engineers
  • Network Engineers
  • PeopleSoft Developers
  • Web Developers
  • Integration Developers
  • ETL Developers
  • Project Management Office
  • Application Engineers

Each career progression is well-defined with the skills and experiences required to reach next steps within OIT’s technical job classifications.

Realizing Cost Savings

The Office of Technology was asked to do a one-time 3% reduction of our allocated budget for this fiscal year, and a permanent 3% reduction of our allocated budget starting in FY 2016.

We are accomplishing this with a combination of contract/maintenance, expense, and allocated salary budget reduction.

These reductions require us to be more disciplined in our planning and spending, and at the end of the day this is a good thing.

There are still a few details of our realignment to be worked out but we are working diligently to get these completed.

As always, feedback is appreciated. Comment below or email me at






myBoiseState Rewrite: Seeing the Light

Light at the end of the tunnel

There’s light at the end of the tunnel as the myBoiseState Rewrite team nears the end of initial feature development.

Much still remains, including obtaining stakeholder sign-off on features and services, integrating stakeholder feedback, testing, polishing the user interface, building a new authentication environment, creating a test environment, user acceptance testing, and holding a series of “Road Shows” to show you the test system, and solicit feedback and requests for future enhancements.

Why Are We Doing This, Again?

The “old” (current) myBoiseState has a lot of problems. We don’t have the development resources to fix those problems, let alone add enhancements or feature requests. The interface is cluttered. The mobile experience is wanting (unless you get our free myBoiseState Mobile app, which is terrific). The timeouts are too restrictive.

We’re attempting to address most of these shortcomings in this new version. (The timeouts are not really development features; they require Very Important People to make Very Important Decisions in order to change. So we’re having those Important discussions.)

Even though we’re rewriting the foundation of myBoiseState, we’re throwing out the bathwater but keeping the baby. We’re adding features that were actually meant to be included years ago in the first enhancement release of the original myBoiseState, but that didn’t come to fruition for a variety of reasons.

Under the Gun

We have a compressed development and production timeline. The Office of Information Technology has dozens of active projects, many of them requiring development and production resources.

The longer we take to push out the first release of the myBoiseState Rewrite, the more other projects will back up and cause delays for the kinds of people who don’t want to hear words like “delay.”

So we’ve focused on designing a new flexible, scalable foundation to allow us to add your wants and needs for future enhancements within myBoiseState.

History and Future of the “Road Shows”

One of the first things we did when preparing for the original myBoiseState was to go around to various areas and departments and ask them what features they wanted to see in myBoiseState. The Registrar’s Office, Admissions, Academic Advising, Career Center, Communications & Marketing, Student Union, ASBSU, Dean of Students, Student Financials, Financial Aid…all of them (and many more) gave us suggestions about what they wanted to see.

Internally, we referred to these sessions as “Road Shows.”

We put many of those Road Show suggestions in the original version of myBoiseState, but there were some key services and functions we didn’t have time or development resources to achieve.

So, most of the handful of new features you’ll see in the new myBoiseState aren’t recent requests, they’re those things we’ve wanted to add for a couple of years now but weren’t able to do so due to being hamstrung by the original technology.

Some have since suggested we should have done a new series of Road Shows prior to commencing work on the myBoiseState Rewrite, but if we’d done that we likely wouldn’t be releasing anything new until 2016.

We took the position of developing and fixing problems upfront to give us a new foundation in order to get the new system built and released as soon as possible. Later this Summer, we’ll take out a new Road Show, collecting ideas and suggestions for how to improve and enhance myBoiseState going forward.

Want to stay informed about what’s happening with the myBoiseState Rewrite project? Subscribe at

Canceled: PeopleSoft Downtime

maintenanceThe PeopleSoft maintenance previously scheduled for May 1-3 has been canceled due to a technical issue.

All systems will continue to be available.

When an alternate date has been determined for rescheduling this maintenance, we will let you know.


Goodbye Bronco-Wireless, Hello eduroam!

Bronco Wireless is Going Away

With the recent introduction of our eduroam wireless network at Boise State, we currently have more wireless networks than we need.

Since eduroam provides the same services as Bronco-Wireless, we’re going to remove the Bronco-Wireless network from service after the Spring 2015 semester.

You only have to sign in once to the eduroam wireless network (until the next time you reset your Boise State password). This handily beats the Bronco-Wireless requirement of signing in each time you connect.

If you have any difficulties connecting wireless devices to the eduroam network, please visit The Zone locations in the Student Union, Interactive Learning Center, Multi-Purpose Building, or Micron Business and Economics Building.

You may also contact the Help Desk at 208-426-4357, or


Oracle Financials Cloud at Boise State University

Oracle Financials Cloud

Boise State and Oracle have teamed up to implement Oracle Financials Cloud, which is planned to:

  • Automate and transform business processes (including financial management and billing, procurement, grant management, project management and reporting) to drive greater operational efficiency and organizational effectiveness.
  • Empower staff with information and critical insight when and where they need it.
  • Reduce IT complexity and boost IT agility to meet rapidly changing needs.
  • Improve total cost of IT ownership while ensuring scalability.

By choosing to implement Oracle’s cloud-based solution, the University will also eliminate the initial and ongoing costs of purchasing, building out, and modernizing hardware infrastructure, reducing our data center footprint and IT burden while delivering a robust, flexible and reliable Financials system.

Boise State will work with Oracle Consulting on the implementation, which will also look to drive new levels of precision and transparency to grants management, a capability that is increasingly important as the University continues to expand our research and graduate programs.

“The benefits of moving to a cloud-based system are all there; reducing infrastructure costs, the opportunity to re-purpose staff to other needed areas, eliminating costly upgrades, keeping the system current, and the ability to grow and scale as needed.” said Max Davis-Johnson, Associate Vice President/CIO.

“When we reviewed our options, the Oracle Financials Cloud really stood out as a mature, reliable cloud solution in use across multiple industries. As we begin this move, we are excited by the prospect the savings from process improvements will more than offset the costs of the solution—all while delivering reliability and scalability and allowing us to benefit rapidly from the latest features and functionality,” said Jo Ellen Dinucci, Associate Vice President of Finance and Administration.

For more information about the Oracle Financials Cloud, please contact Brian Bolt at

PeopleSoft Renovation Project is Complete

PeopleSoft Renovation Project

The PeopleSoft Renovation Project began in 2014, and focused on improving the PeopleSoft Human Resources (Human Capital Management) modules, along with many associated business processes.

The project team completed work last month, and produced the following:

New HR PeopleSoft Core Configuration

Cleaned up data, aligned data with new core configuration, and adapted business processes to ensure data remains clean and consistent going forward.

Hire New Candidate (Student) Form

A new form built in PeopleSoft replaces both the previous Non-Work Study and Work Study hiring forms. Any student who is not working on an assistantship award is hired with the new student hiring form.

Hire New Candidate (Student) Approval Workflow

The new workflow automatically defaults to the immediate supervisor and designated department manager, who is an individual designated as the manager on the HR department table, to give approval.

Student Employment Change Form

A web-based form is now used for initiating pay rate changes, funding source changes, changes in supervisor and changes in end dates (including terminations).

Manage Delegation Form

Student Hire Approvers can delegate their approval authority to someone else for a specific or open-ended time period.

Time Entry

All employees now report time through PeopleSoft Time and Labor. Timesheets from areas using third-party time tracking systems are uploaded rather than manually entered.

Time Approval

Supervisors now use groups to select a population of employees for whom they want to approve time.

Payroll Changes

Standard hours are maintained and updated to display a true number of hours employees are expected to work each week. Changes were made to Time and Labor rules, which changed how overtime, comp time, on call time and shift pay may be calculated, entered and approved. Timesheet views now display two weeks of data.

New Security Model

Row security access was granted at the Vice President/Dean level, with some additional access being granted to users managing collaborative grants across campus.

myInsights Reports

New reports are available through myInsights detailing Student Employee information and Student Hire Approver and Delegation details.

For more information about the PeopleSoft Renovation Project, contact the Office of Information Technology at

Introducing M.A.G.I.C.K. for Boise State Students

Learning tools

The Office of Information Technology’s Learning Technology Solutions (LTS) and the Instructional Design and Educational Assessment (IDEA) are proud to announce an exciting new innovation in learning technology — it’s M.A.G.I.C.K.

There’s no magic bullet that makes teaching with technology easy, but there are people on campus who can help.

Staff members in the IDEA Shop and LTS are dedicated to making sure we have the right technology solutions that are used effectively to enhance the learning experience at Boise State University.

Get in touch at 426-3289,  or to discuss the tools and systems available for faculty and students as well as the alignment of technologies to learning goals and activities.