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Canceled: PeopleSoft Downtime

maintenanceThe PeopleSoft maintenance previously scheduled for May 1-3 has been canceled due to a technical issue.

All systems will continue to be available.

When an alternate date has been determined for rescheduling this maintenance, we will let you know.


Goodbye Bronco-Wireless, Hello eduroam!

Bronco Wireless is Going Away

With the recent introduction of our eduroam wireless network at Boise State, we currently have more wireless networks than we need.

Since eduroam provides the same services as Bronco-Wireless, we’re going to remove the Bronco-Wireless network from service after the Spring 2015 semester.

You only have to sign in once to the eduroam wireless network (until the next time you reset your Boise State password). This handily beats the Bronco-Wireless requirement of signing in each time you connect.

If you have any difficulties connecting wireless devices to the eduroam network, please visit The Zone locations in the Student Union, Interactive Learning Center, Multi-Purpose Building, or Micron Business and Economics Building.

You may also contact the Help Desk at 208-426-4357, or


Oracle Financials Cloud at Boise State University

Oracle Financials Cloud

Boise State and Oracle have teamed up to implement Oracle Financials Cloud, which is planned to:

  • Automate and transform business processes (including financial management and billing, procurement, grant management, project management and reporting) to drive greater operational efficiency and organizational effectiveness.
  • Empower staff with information and critical insight when and where they need it.
  • Reduce IT complexity and boost IT agility to meet rapidly changing needs.
  • Improve total cost of IT ownership while ensuring scalability.

By choosing to implement Oracle’s cloud-based solution, the University will also eliminate the initial and ongoing costs of purchasing, building out, and modernizing hardware infrastructure, reducing our data center footprint and IT burden while delivering a robust, flexible and reliable Financials system.

Boise State will work with Oracle Consulting on the implementation, which will also look to drive new levels of precision and transparency to grants management, a capability that is increasingly important as the University continues to expand our research and graduate programs.

“The benefits of moving to a cloud-based system are all there; reducing infrastructure costs, the opportunity to re-purpose staff to other needed areas, eliminating costly upgrades, keeping the system current, and the ability to grow and scale as needed.” said Max Davis-Johnson, Associate Vice President/CIO.

“When we reviewed our options, the Oracle Financials Cloud really stood out as a mature, reliable cloud solution in use across multiple industries. As we begin this move, we are excited by the prospect the savings from process improvements will more than offset the costs of the solution—all while delivering reliability and scalability and allowing us to benefit rapidly from the latest features and functionality,” said Jo Ellen Dinucci, Associate Vice President of Finance and Administration.

For more information about the Oracle Financials Cloud, please contact Brian Bolt at

PeopleSoft Renovation Project is Complete

PeopleSoft Renovation Project

The PeopleSoft Renovation Project began in 2014, and focused on improving the PeopleSoft Human Resources (Human Capital Management) modules, along with many associated business processes.

The project team completed work last month, and produced the following:

New HR PeopleSoft Core Configuration

Cleaned up data, aligned data with new core configuration, and adapted business processes to ensure data remains clean and consistent going forward.

Hire New Candidate (Student) Form

A new form built in PeopleSoft replaces both the previous Non-Work Study and Work Study hiring forms. Any student who is not working on an assistantship award is hired with the new student hiring form.

Hire New Candidate (Student) Approval Workflow

The new workflow automatically defaults to the immediate supervisor and designated department manager, who is an individual designated as the manager on the HR department table, to give approval.

Student Employment Change Form

A web-based form is now used for initiating pay rate changes, funding source changes, changes in supervisor and changes in end dates (including terminations).

Manage Delegation Form

Student Hire Approvers can delegate their approval authority to someone else for a specific or open-ended time period.

Time Entry

All employees now report time through PeopleSoft Time and Labor. Timesheets from areas using third-party time tracking systems are uploaded rather than manually entered.

Time Approval

Supervisors now use groups to select a population of employees for whom they want to approve time.

Payroll Changes

Standard hours are maintained and updated to display a true number of hours employees are expected to work each week. Changes were made to Time and Labor rules, which changed how overtime, comp time, on call time and shift pay may be calculated, entered and approved. Timesheet views now display two weeks of data.

New Security Model

Row security access was granted at the Vice President/Dean level, with some additional access being granted to users managing collaborative grants across campus.

myInsights Reports

New reports are available through myInsights detailing Student Employee information and Student Hire Approver and Delegation details.

For more information about the PeopleSoft Renovation Project, contact the Office of Information Technology at

Introducing M.A.G.I.C.K. for Boise State Students

Learning tools

The Office of Information Technology’s Learning Technology Solutions (LTS) and the Instructional Design and Educational Assessment (IDEA) are proud to announce an exciting new innovation in learning technology — it’s M.A.G.I.C.K.

There’s no magic bullet that makes teaching with technology easy, but there are people on campus who can help.

Staff members in the IDEA Shop and LTS are dedicated to making sure we have the right technology solutions that are used effectively to enhance the learning experience at Boise State University.

Get in touch at 426-3289,  or to discuss the tools and systems available for faculty and students as well as the alignment of technologies to learning goals and activities.


Winners of the 2015 Bronco Appathon Announced!

Bronco Appathon 4 Winners

The best student programmers, designers and entrepreneurs at Boise State teamed up and built some amazing mobile apps–in under 48 hours!

View the extended video including in-depth interviews with the students.

The annual Bronco Appathon is a weekend marathon of coding to earn cash prizes, raffle items and the opportunity for student teams to present their coding and business skills to representatives from top Treasure Valley technology firms.

Students formed teams of up to four members to develop mobile apps beginning Friday, March 6 and then presented their accomplishments to a panel of distinguished judges on Sunday, March 8. Cash prizes of up to $500 per team member will be awarded for the best apps.

And the winners of the Bronco Appathon 4 are:

Grand Prize Winner

Ferocious Toothbrush – music sequencer with visualizer and multi-device, real-time jam app.

Best Overall Design

Ozone Puppies – Help “Doodle Man” move through a pencil-sketched world and avoid monsters with the use of the accelerometer and drawing lines to cross pits and combat monsters.

Second Prize Winner

Blue Crew – “Suggest” allows you to collaboratively create, suggest, events with friends–“Don’t Talk About It, Be About It.”

Third Prize Winner (tie)

Cruise – a riff track app that allows you to record commentary on top of existing YouTube videos.
Ozone Puppies – Help “Sketch Man” move through a pencil-sketched world and avoid monsters with the use of the accelerometer and drawing lines to cross pits and combat monsters.

The annual Bronco Appathon is hosted by the Associated Students of Boise State University, Office of Information Technology, College of Business and Economics and College of Engineering.

Sprinting Ahead

my boise state development sprints

As of March 10, 2015, the myBoiseState Rewrite team has completed four full development cycles, known as “sprints.” Each sprint lasts two weeks.

The Sprint Process

First, we take a look at our backlog of feature requests and make sure each feature has enough information to proceed with development. Sometimes that means reaching out to stakeholders for clarification, other times it means just making sure all team members understand the context of each feature. We refer to this as “grooming” the backlog.

Next, we look at groomed items and determine what can be reasonably accomplished within a two-week sprint cycle. Often the backlog items we choose for each sprint are related, to ensure we approach development as efficiently as possible.

Our developers estimate the number of hours of time it will take for each backlog item, and from those estimates we decide the point where we can’t bite off more than we can chew.

Then our developers go to work on their assigned tasks for two weeks (while often being pulled away for other development needs – the Office of Information Technology has over 40 active projects under development, which never sleep).

At the end of the two-week sprint cycle, a Sprint Review session is held. This is where the developers show their completed work and take feedback from project team members or stakeholders.

The initial Sprint Review sessions have been very small, as mostly foundational work has been accomplished. But as the project progress, more and more people will be invited from various areas across the University to view features and services, and offer valuable feedback for us to incorporate into future sprint cycles.

Content Management

Our first few sprints were spent on some behind-the-scenes foundational work, along with building a customized content management system, or “CMS.” Our CMS allows us to manage messaging, add or modify menu items, and provide customizable information resources from throughout the University.

Once we had a working CMS, we then tackled backlog items dependent upon the CMS.

For example, the new Services menu provides access to various systems and websites, as well as provides a search field to find other services and resources. This menu is controlled entirely through our CMS, so we can easily add or remove services as needed:

my boise state services

(Development screenshot; all items subject to change)


With the foundations of the CMS established and related functions prioritized, now we’re moving on to replicating some of the existing myBoiseState features you see today, as well as new features you’ll see upon the release of the new version.

For example, we’re working on a method of displaying course enrollment status for students:

enrollment status

(Development screenshot; all items subject to change)


We’re also working on a feature to notify students of changes to their academic plan:

academic plan changes

(Development screenshot; all items subject to change)


And we’re developing a new mobile application for myBoiseState, which duplicates much of the features we’re building for the web version:

my boise state mobile

(Development screenshot; all items subject to change)


Sprint Five!

Right now we’re halfway through Sprint 5, where we’re developing the following features:

  • General Messaging
  • Manual Emergency Messaging
  • View Fees and Account Balances
  • My Academics
  • Display Boise State Twitter Feed
  • Display To-Do’s and Holds
  • Enhanced Feedback

Looking at the backlog, that only leaves 41 more features to go! And some of those 41 are going to be really difficult, and may have to go through a few iterations to please stakeholders.

We’ll persevere, and keep you posted.

Atomic Learning Contest Winner

Atomic Learning Contest Winner

We’re pleased to announced Shaleeni Prasad as the winner of our Atomic Learning contest. Shaleeni is the recipient of an iPad Mini, courtesy of our Learning Technologies department within the Office of Information Technology.

Shaleeni Prasad Photo

Shaleeni Prasad

As a freshman Computer Science major, Shaleeni used Atomic Learning during the month of February to brush up on Java programming concepts, as well as MLA formatting.

“Atomic Learning helped me quickly review the foundations of Java, and helped get me up to speed in my classes. It was very informative, and easy to find and use,” she explained.

Atomic Learning is a comprehensive source of on-demand learning resources covering software, personal development, and professional career skills.

Free to the Boise State community, Atomic Learning is accessed under “Resources” within myBoiseState, or within Blackboard Learn.

For more information about Atomic Learning, contact the Office of Information Technology Help Desk at 208.426.4357, or email

Qualtrics Single Sign-On Access Now Available


Qualtrics, the online survey and insight platform available to the Boise State Community, will soon be available for use with your Boise State username and password.

Beginning Wednesday, March 4, Qualtrics account-holders may access the service on the Office of Information Technology website and log in to their account with Boise State credentials.

The system will walk you through the process of migrating your existing account to the new single sign-on process.

If you have questions or desire a Boise State Qualtrics account, please contact the Office of Information Technology Help Desk at, or call 208.426.4357.

PeopleSoft Downtime and Upcoming Time Entry Deadlines


At the end of the month, the PeopleSoft Human Resources (HR) system will be enhanced to add new features, improve the user interface and streamline business processes. This will impact you in the following ways:

  • All PeopleSoft systems will be down beginning at 5:00 pm on Friday, February 27. The systems will be available again on Monday, March 2.
  • Time Reporting in PeopleSoft is currently unavailable for the pay period 2/15 through 2/28. Time entry for this pay period must be completed between Monday, March 2 and Tuesday, March 3 at 10:00 am.

Note: If you try to access Time Reporting in PeopleSoft before March 2, you will see the following message:


Image: Time and Labor links are not available

Improvements and changes are being made to the HR system, including automating the student hiring process and simplifying payroll and time and labor processes. Specifically, these changes affect employees who enter overtime, employees who have multiple jobs, work study students, time approvers, and supervisors.

If you have questions about this downtime or would like more information about the enhancements, please visit the PeopleSoft Renovation Project website or contact