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Verizon Alert: **Scam – Fraudulent $45 Verizon Bill Credit**

Verizon Alert: **Scam – Fraudulent $45 Verizon Bill Credit**

There are reports of fraudulent calls being made to Verizon customers offering them bill credits. This scam has been reported to our Verizon corporate security and is being addressed.  However, if you receive any calls in regards to this credit offer please help us to notify the FCC of this scam.

Here is What’s Happening

  • Customers are receiving an automated phone message from ‘Verizon’ stating they won $45 dollars off the next bill, but are asked to sign into their account to redeem; multiple users on the account have been receiving this message.

Action Item

  • Verizon  has  confirmed it is a phishing scam. Do not go to

The associated number is 800-922-XXXX (the last four digits vary, as they change every time).
Do not call into customer care to complain as they will also provide the following.

Please file a complaint with the FCC at .

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