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Microsoft Home Use Program

As part of Boise State University’s Microsoft Site License agreement, full-time faculty (including Adjuncts), Emeriti and staff have access to the Microsoft Home Use Program.

This program allows eligible individuals to obtain a copy of Microsoft Office 2013 for Windows or Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac for home use. Microsoft provides this software via download for $9.95 plus tax. An optional backup DVD is also available for $13.99 to cover the costs of duplication, shipping and handling.

Please note: Office 2013 products are only supported on Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems.

The Office of Information Technology or your college or area network administrator cannot install the software on your home computer, as “Home Use” falls under a different license than work use.

For each product eligible for the Home Use Program, you may order a single copy of that product to install and use on a home computer. You may continue using this software while you are under employment with Boise State, and as long as the software you use at work has active Software Assurance coverage. Please note some product and language versions may not be available at the time you place an order.

To access the Microsoft Home Use Program website, please follow the steps below:

  1. Contact the OIT Help Desk by phone (426-4357) or email ( to obtain the program code for accessing the Microsoft Home Use Program website.
  2. Note: This program code is assigned to Boise State University for our sole use in accessing this site. You may not share this number with anyone outside of Boise State.
  3. Open a web browser and go to
  4. Select the country to which you wish your order to be shipped to and choose the language for viewing the order website.
  5. Enter your University email address ( and insert the program code you requested in step 1.
  6. You will then receive an email message from Microsoft with further instructions about accessing the list of available software and how to order.
  7. Place your order on-line and it will be shipped to the location you have chosen. Please note that you will receive your software from Microsoft as a file download.  If you choose the option to have a DVD mailed to you, an additional fulfillment fee of $13.99 will be charged to cover duplication, shipping and handling costs.

For further information on the availability of Home Use Program software, please visit


The OIT Help Desk is available for any questions you may have. To contact you can call 426-4357, or via email at

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