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What’s an Appathon?

An appathon is an event for people who are excited about programming coming together for a weekend to collaborate and build cool things. Entrepreneurs, designers, and developers work in teams to create web or mobile applications.

Will there be food?

Yes. The only thing you need to worry about is coding; let us take care of the rest. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and plenty of drinks (water, soda, coffee, energy drinks) will be available.

Do I have to be there the whole time?

Nope, you’re allowed to get sleep, and showers are also recommended. However, all your coding and work must be done onsite at the competition.

I understand no code can be written before the event, so what kind of assets we can prepare beforehand, if any (music, images)?

As long as the assets (graphics, music, images, libraries, audio animation, etc.) you are using are readily available for anyone and are free, you may use them with respect to the Appathon. Please adhere to any copyright issues the owner(s) of the assets may have. Compiling data, drawing pictures and writing documentation in preparation for the event is allowable.

Are we allowed to use photos that we took prior to the competition?


Would coming to the Appathon with the whole thing “lined” out, step by step, with English prose, flowcharts, handwritten pseudocode, etc., be taking it a bit far?

Flowcharts and pseudo code are OK. The idea is no actual code, html, etc. until you’re onsite.

Should the registration be done per team, or do people register individually and then form teams?

Register as a team, if you have one. Individuals interested in forming a team, or joining one, are able to indicate so when registering.

Will we be able to work with our own laptops/computers or need to use ones provided?

Teams are expected to provide their own computing devices (laptops, tablets, etc.). There will also be a limited number of computer lab machines available throughout the ILC for use during the event. The entire ILC building has wireless, plus there are active Ethernet ports in the classrooms.

Does the app we create become property of Boise State University?

The apps created during the Appathon belong to the students and not Boise State. We may use your app to promote our event, but we don’t have the rights to sell the app.

What languages were used for the previous winner’s apps?

We have no documentation of what languages were used for the submissions.

Do the teams have to split prize money?

Each team member gets their own prize. For example, if you win first place, each of your team members win $500. However you choose to divide the money after that is up to you.

What about overnight security?

ILC doors will lock from 10:00 pm – 6:00 pm each night, with the exception of the main doors facing the river. There will be a security guard at these doors to allow us to come and go. If you need to leave and feel uncomfortable walking to your car alone, please ask one of the volunteers in ILC 213 for an escort.