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Grade Center Navigation


Learn how to navigate and use your grade center


The Grade Center is more than just a way to record students’ grades, it is
a dynamic and interactive tool. The Grade Center can record data,
monitor student progress, communicate information to students,
administrators and other stakeholders. It is also a valuable tool to assist
with making informed decisions to take action to promote student and
institutional progress.

The Grade Center is a central repository for assessment data, student
information, and instructor notes.

The Grade Center is made up of rows and columns of student
information and gradable items. Cells in the grid contain data specific to
corresponding students. All cells and column headings contain menus for
various actions. The user can access information, or navigate to other
pages to interact with the Grade Center.

Accessing the Grade Center

  • Click on Grade Center from the Control Panel

Screenshot of the Course Management Menu


  • Select Needs Grading or Full Grade Center

Needs Grading only shows items that need grading. Full grade center shows all items.


Needs Grading Page

Instructors can view attempts ready for grading or review on the Needs Grading
page. Click Grade All to begin grading and reviewing immediately, or sort
columns or apply filters to narrow the list.


Sort and Filter

Sort any column by clicking the column heading or caret. Use the Filter drop-
down lists to narrow the list by Category, Item, User, and Date Submitted. For
example, make selections in both the Category and User drop-down lists to
display tests submitted by a particular user. Click Go to display the filtered items
on the Needs Grading page.

Contextual Menus

Use an assignment’s contextual menu to Grade All Users or Grade
Anonymously. For tests, the contextual menu also includes Grade Tests by
Questions and View All Attempts. A total number of attempts for the selected
item is listed in parentheses.

Grade All

Click Grade All to place attempts in a queue for easy navigation among items; if
a filter has been applied, only the filtered items appear in the queue. Attempts
appear in the order they were sorted on the Needs Grading page. Once attempts
have been graded, they do not appear on the Needs Grading page and the number
of items updates to reflect the current number that needs to be graded.

Full Grade Center

The Full Grade Center page contains the following areas:

  • Action Bar
  • Information Bar
  • Icon Legend
  • Email


Action Bar /  Create Column

Create Column - use to create a Grade Center column NOT linked to an item


Action Bar / Create Calculated Column

Create Calculated Column-


Action Bar / Manage

manage gradecenter button


Action Bar / Reports

reports button


Additional Grade book Options

Grade Information Bar

The Grade Information Bar displays the pertinent information of the selected Grade Column cell in the Grade
Center. Depending upon the pertinent or entered information, the Grade Information
Bar displays some or all of the following fields:

  • The type of grade for a specific cell
  • The points possible for a gradable item
  • The format of the grade
  • If the column is shown in the Student View
Icon Legend

Upon Selection, displays the definition of the icons viewed in the Grade Center cells.

Icon Legend


Instructors can communicate using Email with Students, their Observers, and others
from within the Grade Center. This form of direct contact allows instructors to
actively communicate with relevant parties while engaged in grading in the Grade
Center. Such immediate feedback can quickly lead to intervention if required,
promoting positive outcomes for students.