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Add or Remove a Teaching Assistant or Other Role in Blackboard


Learn how to manage your Blackboard course site users including adding or removing a TA, Grader, Course Builder or additional Instructor.
  • Navigate to
  • Click LOG IN
  • Navigate to LMS MIDDLEWARE

Picture of Blackboard LMS Middleware Link

  • Click on MANAGE COURSE SITES in the left navigation menu

2015-09-03 10_54_44-Manage Your Course Sites

  • Click Search after selecting the appropriate term and year
  • Navigate to the course you want to add the additional user to
  • Click on the Edit button Editicon next to the course name
  • Under Manual Enrollment click the plus symbol to add user to the site
  • Enter the Employee/Student ID or Username, then click Search

screenshot of the Add User Screen with example ID typed in.





  • From the search results, choose the appropriate course role from the dropdown menu
    • Teaching Assistant role allows the person access to your complete course site with the exception of Course Copy. Students currently enrolled in the course for credit cannot be added as teaching assistants
    • Grader role allows the person access to only your Grade Center
    • Course Builder allows the person access to everything but the Grade Center
    • Instructor allows complete control of the course site
  • Click Apply
  • Click Save