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Prepare Your Blackboard Course For Grade Transfer


This article demonstrates the three preparation steps necessary to successfully use My.Boisestate to transfer your final course grade from Blackboard to Peoplesoft. 

1. Verify that the grades are final in the Blackboard Course Site. Make sure all missed assignments are updated to show a 0 (zero) for the student.

2. Verify the Grade Center column that contains your final grades is set as the “External Grade” column. The column set as the “External Grade” will have a green check mark next its name in your Grade Center. The Total Column is default set as the External Grade Column in the Blackboard Grade Center.  If this is the column you are using for Final Grades, then this step is completed.

External Grade in Total Column

3. If you are using a different column to calculate your final grades, perform the following step to set it as the “External Grade”:

  • Click the drop-down chevron for the column and select Set as External Grade.

screenshot of setting a new column as an External Grade

4. Change the column that contains the Final Grades to display the grades as a Letter.  (If your grades already display as a Letter, this step is complete.)

  • Select the drop-down chevron for the column that contains Final Grades.
  • Select Edit Column Information.

screenshot of Edit Column Information Screenshot

  • In the Column Information section, change the Primary Display to Letter
    • Blackboard uses a default Grading Schema.  If you prefer to use a different schema, use the following instructions to create a new Letter Schema: Grading Schema

screenshot of the primary display changing to letters

OR, if using a customized grading schema:

screenshot of changing the primary display to a Custom Letter Schema


  • Click Submit.

You are now ready to Transfer Blackboard Grades to Peoplesoft.