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Request a LMS course site – screen shots


Before the start of a semester, you will need to request a course site. This document describes the process by which course sites are created in Blackboard learn and provides instructions for requesting a Blackboard Learn course site.

Instructions for Requesting a Course Site in Blackboard Learn

  • Go to

my.boisestate login page

  • Click SIGN IN


  • Navigate to LMS MIDDLEWARE by searching for middleware in the search bar on the right side of the screen under services 

screenshot for searching for LMS Middleware

  • On the new tab/window, click on your classes in the left navigation menu
  • Click search after selecting the appropriate term and year
  • Select the check boxes for the classes you wish to create course site(s) for

Screenshot of Check Boxes

  • At the bottom of the listing of classes select the appropriate radio button:
    • One section per course site – select this to create a unique course site for each class checked in step above
    • Multiple sections in one course site – select this to create a unique course site for ALL classes checked in step above
  • Click continue
  • You could see a conflict warning message, “One or more of the selected course sites already exist.” if any of the classes selected in step 3 have been used in other course sites
    • This should prevent any duplicate course site(s) from being created unknowingly

screenshot of error message

  • Change the course site name if necessary here
  • Set the course availability
    • You will be given three choices for setting the availability date:
      • Choose a Date- This option will let you choose a date whether it’s before or after the start of the semester starts
      • Do Not Set- This option will set no availability date and you will have to go into the course to make it available when the time comes
      • First Day of the Semester- This option will make the course available the first day of the semester

screenshot of options for setting start date for a course site

  • Click create

How Course Sites Are Created

  • New Blackboard Learn course sites must be requested by the instructor of record every semester; they are not automatically created as part of the Registrar’s scheduling process.
  • From within My.Boisestate, instructors are able to view the courses assigned to them by the Registrar’s Office, which obtains this information via a Schedule Change document submitted by the instructor’s department or college.
  • Instructors select the courses for which they want a site created; the sites become available to the instructor after the Blackboard Learn server updates at 10:00 AM, 1:00 PM, 4:00 PM, or 7:00 PM, Monday through Friday.
  • The course sites remain unavailable to students until the instructor makes it available.
  • New course sites may be requested two semesters in advance, as long as the Registrar’s Office has received the schedule change document from your department or college.