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Transfer Grades from Blackboard to PeopleSoft


myBoiseState provides a simple way to transfer grades from your courses in Blackboard to PeopleSoft in just a few clicks. This article will explain how to set up and transfer grades to save time at the end of the semester.

Transferring grades from your Blackboard course site to PeopleSoft makes entering grades at the end of semester much easier. To use this feature in myBoiseState perform the following steps:

  1. Log into myBoiseState
  2. Locate your course in the employee My Schedule view
  3. Click Transfer Grades (click picture to enlarge)
  4. On the grade transfer screen, click Import Grades from Blackboard. Your student grades will appear in a table below the buttons. (click picture to enlarge)
    Picture showing grades after being imported from Blackboard into myBoiseState.


    By default, scores will be imported from the TOTAL column in your grade center. You can change which grade center column myBoiseState imports from by setting the preferred column as the external grade. Steps to set another column as the external grade are listed below in the Frequently Asked Questions.

  5.  Review the grades to ensure that they were imported correctly, then click Save to PeopleSoft.
  6. A new window will appear with instructions to go to your PeopleSoft Grade Roster to submit your final grades. Click Go to PeopleSoft Grade Roster to complete this final step.
  7. In Peoplesoft click the Grade Roster button for the course you are transferring grades for.
  8. Verify the grades have been imported correctly into the Class Roster column.
  9. Click Submit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why don't I see the Transfer Grades button on the My Schedule page?

The ability to transfer grades is limited by date and grade schema restrictions. The button will only appear if:

  • The grade roster is available in PeopleSoft for your course (3 days before the last day of instruction)
  • Your course is set up in PeopleSoft as using a letter grade schema. Pass / Fail and other schema types are currently not supported

Why am I'm getting an error that says my Blackboard grade column isn't set to 'letter'?

This error is displayed when your grade column in Blackboard is set to display grades as a percent or score. Because the conversion to letter grades can differ among courses and instructors, the grade transfer option will NOT automatically try to convert these to a letter grade. You can change the grade display to letter in Blackboard by performing the following steps.

  • Navigate in Blackboard to your course Grade Center
  • Click the down arrow on your final grade column (the TOTAL column by default) and select Edit Column Information from the menu
  • Use the drop-down menu to change Primary Display to Letter
  • Click Submit

How can I import grades from a different grade center column other than TOTAL?

The grade import function is tied to the TOTAL column in your Blackboard Grade Center by default, but it can be changed by setting another column as the “external grade”. If you are using a column other than TOTAL for your final grades follow the steps below to set it as the external grade.

  • Navigate in Blackboard to your course Grade Center
  • Click the down arrow on the grade center column that contains your final grades and select Set as External Grade from the menu

I have a merged course in Blackboard that contains two or more class sections. How do I transfer grades for these classes?

The transfer grades process in myBoiseState is specific to each class section. myBoiseState will display a unique listing in your My Schedule view for each class section you teach, regardless on how they have been merged in Blackboard. You will need to perform the transfer grades process for each class section individually.

When grades are imported from a merged Blackboard course site, only grades for students in the PeopleSoft grade roster for the section you are working on are imported. All other grades in Blackboard for students in other sections are excluded.

I added the same class section into more than one course in Blackboard? Can I still use grade transfer?

Yes. When you begin the transfer grades process by clicking Import myBoiseState will recognize that your class section exists in more than one Blackboard course site. A pop-up window will appear prompting you to select the Blackboard course that contains your final grades. Select the Blackboard course site name that contains the final student grades you would like to record in PeopleSoft to continue.

Picture of pop-up window that asks you to select which course to import grades from.

If you have trouble determining which course contains your final grades because they have the same name you can use LMS middleware to change your Blackboard course names. Be aware that this name change will be visible to students.

Why am I getting a message that says I'm missing student grades and that they need to be entered manually?

This message will be displayed when there is a student in the PeopleSoft grade roster but no score for them in Blackboard. Because Blackboard rosters are synchronized with class rosters every few hours, it’s worth double-checking your grade entries. You may want to login to Blackboard to ensure you did not miss a row when entering grades and ensure this message isn’t a symptom of a larger problem.

What happens when a student withdraws from the course?

A message for missing grades will be displayed because the withdrawn student still exists in the PeopleSoft grade roster but they don’t exist in the Blackboard course Grade Center. Please disregard the message and submit, the appropriate grade will be automatically added when submitted in PeopleSoft.

What is the conversion from percentage to letter grades that Blackboard uses for its grading schema?

Blackboard automatically applies the following rules for converting scores or percentages to letter grades for the TOTAL column and any calculated columns:

Grading Conversion
PercentLetter Grade
97 to 100 or higherA+
94 to less than 97A
90 to less than 94A-
87 to less than 90B+
84 to less than 87B
80 to less than 84B-
77 to less than 80C+
74 to less than 77C
70 to less than 74C-
67 to less than 70D+
64 to less than 67D
60 to less than 64D-
less than 60F

How can I change the default percent to letter grade conversion (grading schema) in Blackboard?

If you would like to change the grade schema for your course so that final grade scores or percentages are aligned to letter grades other than the defaults in Blackboard, perform the following steps:

  • Navigate in Blackboard to your course Grade Center
  • Click Manage, then select Grading Schemas from the menu.
  • If you would like to edit the existing letter grading schema, click the down arrow next to Letter and select Edit from the pop-up menu.
    • If you would like to create a new grade schema, copy the existing letter schema by clicking the down arrow next to Letter and select Copy. After copying, click the down arrow next to the new copy and select Edit.
  • Use the left column of the table provided to enter the high and low percentage thresholds for each letter grade. Click Submit when finished.


The right column in the grade schema set up table should be updated if you intend to enter letter grades manually into any column in Blackboard that will be used for calculations in another column. For example, if you have a column for “participation” which you plan to enter letter grades into and will be included in the final “TOTAL” column calculation. The manually entered letter grades typically converts to the median score within the given range for a letter grade.

Does the External Grade column setting copy with a course copy?

No.  The new Bb course Total column is set to external grade.  You must select the correct final grade column as external grade after a course copy.

Have additional questions or just want a little extra help?

Set up a one on one consultation with an instructional technologist to review your course gradebook and answer any questions related to using this feature or preparing your course for grade transfer.