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Oracle Financials Cloud at Boise State University

Oracle Financials Cloud

Boise State and Oracle have teamed up to implement Oracle Financials Cloud, which is planned to:

  • Automate and transform business processes (including financial management and billing, procurement, grant management, project management and reporting) to drive greater operational efficiency and organizational effectiveness.
  • Empower staff with information and critical insight when and where they need it.
  • Reduce IT complexity and boost IT agility to meet rapidly changing needs.
  • Improve total cost of IT ownership while ensuring scalability.

By choosing to implement Oracle’s cloud-based solution, the University will also eliminate the initial and ongoing costs of purchasing, building out, and modernizing hardware infrastructure, reducing our data center footprint and IT burden while delivering a robust, flexible and reliable Financials system.

Boise State will work with Oracle Consulting on the implementation, which will also look to drive new levels of precision and transparency to grants management, a capability that is increasingly important as the University continues to expand our research and graduate programs.

“The benefits of moving to a cloud-based system are all there; reducing infrastructure costs, the opportunity to re-purpose staff to other needed areas, eliminating costly upgrades, keeping the system current, and the ability to grow and scale as needed.” said Max Davis-Johnson, Associate Vice President/CIO.

“When we reviewed our options, the Oracle Financials Cloud really stood out as a mature, reliable cloud solution in use across multiple industries. As we begin this move, we are excited by the prospect the savings from process improvements will more than offset the costs of the solution—all while delivering reliability and scalability and allowing us to benefit rapidly from the latest features and functionality,” said Jo Ellen Dinucci, Associate Vice President of Finance and Administration.

For more information about the Oracle Financials Cloud, please contact Brian Bolt at

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