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We’re Removing QuickTime for Windows (and You Should Too)

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The Office of Information Technology is in the process of removing QuickTime for Windows from University computers supported by OIT, as well as public computers on campus. This removal requires no action on your part.

QuickTime for Windows was recently found to contain two major security flaws, and these flaws will not be corrected by Apple due to Apple’s decision to no longer support the software.

If you previously used QuickTime for Windows to view .mov files or other video or audio files, you can use Windows Media Player or other software as an alternative.

If you have files that used to open in QuickTime for Windows and aren’t sure how to view those files going forward, please contact the Help Desk at, or call 208-426-4357.

If you have personal computers with QuickTime for Windows installed, we recommend you also uninstall the software as soon as possible.

Note this only applies to QuickTime for Windows; Apple will continue to support QuickTime for Mac OS X.

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