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Making Boise State Students Successful with Oracle BI Cloud Service

Oracle B I Cloud Service

Oracle recently featured Chief Technology Officer Max Davis-Johnson in a video articulating our use of Oracle’s BI Cloud Service to discover important trends happening in students’ academic activities.

Professors and administrators use these insights to help guide students on their path towards graduation.

“You look at what you do in higher education from a technology standpoint, you have a lot of diversity.”

“You use transactional systems, you do research, you do classroom technology, you do consumer technology, you have open networks, and we need the ability to look at trends. What factors make students successful? And, what are early warning indicators…maybe we need to reach out and intervene?”

“We’re trying to bring all this diverse data into one place so we can start doing analytics. BI Cloud Service is one of our mechanisms.”

“Our long-term goal will be to bring up student information, course information, teaching loads. It’s very important to us to determine the cost of instruction, the cost of graduation. These all drive a lot of decisions about what programs we move forward, how we do outreach, all these types of things from a university perspective.”

“It’s critical that we have a clear understanding of the analytic capability of all our data, not just partial. That where we see BIX giving us the ability to get the data into one place, but then also the ability to report on it uniformly.”

“The benefits of BIX…I think just the ability to have a ‘single source of truth’ so to speak, not just enterprise ‘ERP’ type data, but student activity over time, learning management system data, a variety of other things that we want to use. Indicators determining are students are on track, do we need to intervene…BIX gives us the analytic capability to do that.”

“Just from a user perspective, most of the interaction that decision-makers have with the system, they aren’t in it at the transactional level, they’re in it at the analytic level, so the information they get, whether it’s visual or it’s through reports…that’s really what drives the university.”

For more information about Boise State’s experience with Oracle BI Cloud Service, contact

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