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Max’s Minute: Understanding Problems to Improve Taleo Recruiting and Oracle Financials Cloud

Max Davis-JohnsonThis is the third in a series of articles discussing continuing improvements for Taleo Recruiting and Oracle Financials Cloud. View the previous entries at

One of our core principles used in improving Oracle Financials Cloud and Taleo Recruiting is the need to completely understand problems before we act.

To that end, OIT and our campus partners have visited with all colleges and key departments to capture their concerns and issues with the new systems. We also know there might be different opinions as to what is “best.” At the end of the day, we all want what is best for the University.

As we continue to make progress, that is what we are striving for – what is best for Boise State.

Oracle Financials Cloud Updates

Sponsored Projects has reconciled all of the PeopleSoft grants data in the Oracle Financials Cloud grants project module (PPM). We are now loading and verifying entries from July 1 onward, and we expect this to be complete within the next few weeks. Once all data is reconciled, we will then focus on PI training, processes, and reporting.

Financial Services has released campus transactional dashboards to address invoices, department deposits and journals. You can find answers while only knowing a little about the data (e.g., only the day it happened, the division it impacted, or the amount it was for). These dashboards will continue to be enhanced. We will next address budget transfers, then accounts receivable.

Budget vs. expense reporting will be available for all account types within the next week. Security, access, cross-validation rules, and other system controls will continue to be tweaked as we learn and understand more about OFC.

You can find job aids, documentation, tutorials, FAQs, and class schedules for all things OFC on the University Financial Services Training Portal, including new reports as they are released. Financial Services experts will even come to you – all you need to do is ask!

We have completed requirements for travel pre-authorization, and the Dean’s Council has approved the basic design concept. OIT is moving forward on development of this new app within myBoiseState.

Budget transfers (also identified as a pain point) will be addressed through a combination of process improvements and reporting.

Taleo Recruiting Updates

Human Resource Services has designed a streamlined hiring process for faculty, based on campus feedback along with best practices from other universities using Taleo Recruiting.. The Dean’s Council approved this process, and implementation will begin immediately.

Once the new streamlined faculty hiring process is in place, work will begin on improving the professional hiring process.

We are finalizing the new Budget/Position Action Request (BPAR) form and process next week, moving the BPAR process out of Taleo to focus the system on recruitment and onboarding (as it is intended to be used).

Financial Services, Sponsored Projects, Human Resource Services, OIT, and Oracle remain committed to doing everything we can to make these systems work better for you.

– Max Davis-Johnson

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