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New G Suite Features: Action Items, Badges, Forms and Voice Typing

Google Apps is now called G Suite

Google has recently released some great new G Suite (formerly Google Apps) features of benefit to the Boise State community.

These new features can add value by taking the guess work out of who is doing what in a group project, creating forms and documents, or simply talking to your computer or mobile device to quickly get ideas out of your head before they’re gone.

Action Items

Action Items are assigned to fellow group members when working in Google Docs, Slides, or Sheets. This feature appoints specific assignments to one group member.

The Action Item, once assigned, will send notifications and updates to the assignee. The assignee will receive a confirmation message when the group member opens up their assigned file.

This item could be extremely useful for group projects; just think about how this could help you stay connected with the group. By knowing which responsibilities are assigned to each member, you’ll know who is taking care of what, and when.

Learn more about Action Items on Google’s website.

Follow-Up Badges

Google has come up with an easier way to search for files when sharing information with group members, especially documents that are a priority. Once action items are assigned to members, a numbered follow-up badge in the top-right corner of a Google Doc will appear detailing the requested actions with all unresolved issues or tasks in the file.

Can’t find the email that you were searching for? Or not sure what assignment you were supposed to go over? The follow-up badge can help you find the file information so you don’t have to dig for the information or assigned task, saving you time and energy looking for priority emails.

Learn more about follow-up badges on Google’s website.


Creating a Google Form for an event, survey, or other request for information? Google has taken the next step and now implements a prediction-aspect to the form being created.

Forms will now preemptively associate and generate an applicable response to questions, such as “What days of the week will you be available?,” and the program will automatically provide the days of the week in checkboxes for easy response feedback.

Also included in Forms is the option to upload files to the Forms, and post the documents in Google Drive.

Looking to conduct a survey for research? Or perhaps a signup sheet for fundraising? Forms can help you create this document in less time.

Learn more about new predictive Form response options on Google’s website.

Voice Commands

Google has added additional voice command prompts to Google Docs; now you can voice type ideas and edit hands-free. By learning a few basic voice commands, you can type, delete words, add links, change text color, and add comments.

More information about voice typing for G Suite is available on Google’s website.

Need Assistance?

Learn more about G Suite apps and features through self-paced online learning at the G Suite Learning Center.

For additional information about G Suite at Boise State, contact the Help Desk at, or call (208) 426-4357.

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