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New Google Sites

Introducting the new Google Sites

Google has redesigned and updated Google Sites to improve ease of use, and provide better integration with other G Suite (Google Apps) applications. With Google Sites, you can create your own websites without prior coding knowledge or training.

Google Sites is not intended for Boise State department or college websites (WordPress is our external-facing web solution). However, for internal-facing content, team and project sites, Google Sites may be a terrific solution.

Access Through Google Drive

New Sites are created through Google Drive by selecting New > Google Sites.

New Sites are also accessed through Google Drive.

Access Google Sites through Google Drive

Legacy Sites continue to be accessed as before, by selecting Sites from the Google Apps menu:

Google Sites

Access “classic” Google Sites through the Apps menu in G Suite.


The new Google Sites makes it easier to implement content, plugins, and media for users, or collaborative teams, to manage their websites.

Creation and editing is primarily performed through drag and drop, and design is arranged with a grid layout. Everything is simple to move, resize or rearrange.

Content is responsive and looks great in all modern browsers on desktop, tablet and mobile.

The new Google Sites is designed to be simpler to use than the legacy version. Currently, the ability to comment on pages, change URLs, and set up page-level permissions is not available in the new Google Sites. Also, you can only nest pages one level deep. Google will continue to add features over time.

As of November 2016, new Google Sites can only be created and edited using Google Chrome and Firefox browsers, but are viewable in all modern web browsers. As is standard for modern G Suite applications, the latest version of the Google Chrome browser is most compatible with the new Google Sites.

Legacy Site Support

Google will likely end support for legacy Google Sites as early as late-2017. Right now, there is no migration feature available to convert a legacy Google Site to a new Google Site, or to copy over pages. However, Google expects to release a migration tool early next year.


Learn how to use the new Google Sites at

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