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What Happened?

We Make a Mistake

We routinely run automated processes to ensure the right people have the right computer system roles and access at Boise State. Early this morning, one of those processes went awry.

A script that tells one of processes what to do was not interpreted correctly, for reasons we’re still trying to figure out. Whatever the cause, this resulted in a worst-case scenario that detached University accounts from their associated roles.

Put simply, people’s accounts lost rights to systems and services.

This incident triggered automated email notifications to send to all active Boise State students to inform them that, because their University status was erroneously defined as suspended, they had 30 days before their student email access was cut off.

We restored account rights and access within about 90 minutes of figuring out what happened.

But we couldn’t prevent students from seeing an email saying they were, essentially, no longer students. The confusion and stress this caused for many students was, understandably, heightened by the fact that the end of the semester is naturally a source of high anxiety. We just happened to compound it.

We sent 50,000 follow-up emails to our University community apologizing for the errors, and we mean it when we say we’re committed to ensuring this does not ever happen again.

We know that saying sorry may not be enough. We also know we work very, very hard to do great things for Boise State, and we will keep forging ahead in our efforts to advance Boise State educational and research experiences through high quality, innovative technology solutions.

We are sorry, and we’ll do better.

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