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Like Printing Money (With Someone Else’s Printer)

Image of a printer with the title Department Print Services

The Office of Information Technology Customer Care team has been working to lower the costs and environmental impacts of printing and copying on campus. In December, Customer Care launched the new and dramatically improved Department Print Services which includes printing, copying, toner, paper, maintenance and support in a convenient “only pay for what you print” model that will save you time and money.

What do you think you know about department printing?

Until recently, what was the ratio of network printers to employees?

(A) 1 to 100 (B) 1 to 35 (C) 1 to 5

(C) Until last year, OIT Customer Care managed about 785 network printers making the ratio approximately one printer to every 4.5 employees! And you likely still didn’t have one close to your desk.

For your eyes only! Does the Department Print Services provide secure release?

Yes / No

Yes. The new Department Print Services allows you to print from your desk and release your print job at your printer.

Before the Departmental Print Service upgrade, how many different network printer models did OIT maintain?

(A) Over 100 (B) 50-100 (C) Less than 50

OIT Customer Care maintained and supported over 200 different printer models representing 15 vendors before the recent upgrades. Imagine trying to keep over 200 different types of printers working and filled with the correct toner.

True or False: Printer Toner Cartridges Expire

True or False

True. Print toner does expire which is why we do not recommend purchasing toner in bulk. Plus, installing old toner cartridges in a printer can create a huge mess. Let us manage the bulk purchasing and you simply print when you need to.

How do I sign up for Department Print Services (and never have to deal with toner on my hands again)?

Visit the OIT Department Print Services page for details and our really affordable pricing model. Contact a Department Print Services specialist via the Help Desk at 208-426-4357 (HELP), chat or and you’ll never have to get toner on your hands and clothes again.

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