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Highlights from the Sixth Annual Bronco Appathon

Bronco Appathon 2017

57 students organized into 15 teams gathered at the Interactive Learning Center to participate in a marathon coding competition during the sixth annual Bronco Appathon, held March 10-12.

Teams were given 42 hours to develop an app and plan a presentation to demo the application before a panel of judges. App ideas this year ranged from the practical to the profound in entertainment and technical maturity. “Every year the apps keep getting better and better, and this year all the apps were really incredible,” said Boise State Associate Vice President and CIO Max Davis-Johnson.

Judges from Boise State and local industry partners evaluated all 15 presentations and choose the following winners:

First Place – Team ARVRA ($500 per team member)

Stephanie Labastida, Audrey Miller, Daniele Moro

Jacob Bell (not pictured), Stephanie Labastida, Audrey Miller, Daniele Moro

Team ARVRA created “Show Me,” a self-paced, interactive training application.

Second Place – Team Trappist-4 ($300 per team member)

Miguel Ayala, Brook Cassity, Andrew Mason, Lauren Tomlinson

Miguel Ayala, Brook Cassity, Andrew Mason, Lauren Tomlinson

Team Trappist-4 not only designed their own shirts, they also created a Farmer’s Market experience application, allowing users to pre-order goods and learn about vendors.

Third Place – Team Appetyte ($100 per team member)

Luke Bosse, Greg Braiser, Jake Carns, Brendan Tierney

Greg Braiser, Luke Bosse, Jake Carns, Brendan Tierney

Team Appetyte developed a app to help you find a place to eat if you’re feeling indecisive.

Best Design – Team Trappist-4 ($250 per team member)

View team details above.

Best Novice – Team Trappist-4 ($250 per team member)

View team details above.

According to Davis-Johnson, this year’s Appathon stood out due to the number of students and teams participating, and the students’ high level of technical aptitude and commitment. “They’re serious very year, but they all seemed serious this year. This was our sixth Appathon, we gave them a lot of advice on how to approach it, and they took that to heart. Plus, it’s always an opportunity for students to earn quite a bit of money.”


This year’s Bronco Appathon was sponsored by:

  • Office of Information Technology
  • Associated Students of Boise State University
  • College of Business and Economics
  • College of Engineering
  • Transportation and Parking Services
  • Boise State Bookstore
  • Advanced Systems Group (ASG)
  • ComputNet, Inc.
  • Blackboard
  • ZenWare
  • Micron Foundation
  • WhiteCloud Analytics
  • Boise Cascade Company
  • Xtreme Consulting
  • Swire Coca-Cola
  • Bardenay Restaurant & Distillery

We’re grateful for the generosity of all our sponsors!

For more information about the Bronco Appathon, contact

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