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New Features in Google Sheets

Google Sheets

Google is releasing a handful of new features this week for Sheets. Google Sheets are created and accessed through Google Drive.

Simplified Pivot Tables

Pivot tables have been available in Sheets for some time now, and now Google will suggest pivot tables for you to use with your data.

You can now also use natural language to ask questions of your data and view answers in a pivot table format.

Intelligent Formula Suggestions

In addition, Sheets now uses machine intelligence to suggest formulas for you to use when you type “=” within a cell.

Google has information about these changes along with several other new features on their blog, including customizable headings, format options for pivot tables, waterfall charts, and improvements for importing or pasting fixed-width formatted data.

Training and Assistance

Learn how to use Sheets or any other G Suite application with the G Suite Learning Center.

For information about using G Suite applications at Boise State, contact the Help Desk at, or call (208) 426-4357.

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