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Accessible Org Charts for Everyone

accessible org charts

Most org charts on Boise State websites are in PDF or Lucidchart formats. While you can make PDF documents accessible using Acrobat DC Pro, that process will make the names and positions readable but likely won’t translate the organizational hierarchy for someone using access technology. (Lucidcharts aren’t accessible at this time.)

Luckily, simple tools have existed for over 20 years to convey hierarchical relationships on a web page: Headings and lists!

By using structured headings on your page, along with unordered (bulleted) lists, you can represent how your department or college is organized in a way that’s accessible to everyone. Use this method to create an accessible org chart and link to it as an option for those people who are unable to interpret a PDF or other visually-based document.

View an example on our website, and check out how the University of North Georgia makes their org charts accessible.

For questions about creating accessible organizational charts, contact the Help Desk at (208) 426-4357, or email

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