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New Look Coming to Student Center, Campus Solutions

New PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

Big changes are coming later this year as Boise State updates our PeopleSoft Campus Solutions system.

Students will see a new look for Student Center, along with an improved user experience on mobile devices. Faculty and staff will likewise view a new, flexible interface for the Student Administration system.

The update uses the PeopleSoft Fluid interface, which is designed for responsiveness and usability on desktops, tablets and smart phones. The Fluid interface presents related items using dynamic tiles, personalized page views, and other modern design elements which create a simple, intuitive and optimized experience:

Test screenshot of new Student Center interface in upcoming Campus Solutions 9.2.

Test screenshot of new Student Center interface in upcoming Campus Solutions 9.2.


Changes to PeopleSoft Access through myBoiseState

Due to this Campus Solutions update, we have to make a change to the way Boise State faculty and staff (including student employees) access PeopleSoft through myBoiseState.

Previously, faculty and staff have logged in to myBoiseState, browsed to their Employee page, and selected PeopleSoft to access both Campus Solutions and PeopleSoft Human Resources systems.

With the Campus Solutions update, we must add a separate link to the PeopleSoft Human Resources system; we’ll no longer be be able to access both systems through a single “PeopleSoft” link.

HR System Link

That’s why some of you may have recently noticed a new HR System link on the myBoiseState Employee page:

HR Link for myBoiseState employees

We quietly put that link out there for faculty and staff to discover over the next few months. This is the link faculty and staff will use to access PeopleSoft Human Resources (time reporting, paycheck info, direct deposit, etc.) going forward.

Documentation and Resource Updates

Departments and areas that currently have online or printed materials with instructions for students, faculty or staff on how to access and use PeopleSoft systems will want to be sure to work closely with Management System Coordinators to update those materials to reflect the new Campus Solutions system interface and navigation changes.

We’ll have more information to send out as the project gets closer to completing development of the new PeopleSoft Campus Solutions system and determining a go-live date.

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