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OIT Adds New Computerized Classrooms and Improves Technology Uptime

Customer Care

Over the summer, the Office of Information Technology enhanced several classroom spaces by creating new computerized classrooms and improving the dependability of classroom technologies.

Classroom and Space Updates

  • Multipurpose 101 – Transformed from a lecture hall to a large venue collaboration room.
  • City Center Plaza 268 – Converted from a conference room to a teleconference room for distance education.
  • Micron Business and Economics Building 3016 – This space is now divided into two computerized classrooms.
  • GIMM Space, Albertsons Library 1st Floor – The Gaming, Interactive Media & Mobile Technology space now consists of two computerized classrooms.

Additional Customer Care Updates

Our Customer Care department further refined their proactive classroom technology maintenance process by refining testing, making more frequent classroom visits, and integrating automated system checks with our ticketing system to provide faster response times when incidents occur.

Finally, the Help Desk call center moved to Capitol Village, creating additional space in the Zone located on the first floor of the Interactive Learning Center.


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