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How to Order Computer Equipment

Who Can Order?

To order computers (including iPads and other tablet devices), printers and servers, employees must be authorized by their University department or college.

Please check with your supervisor, department chair or Dean’s office to determine if you are authorized to purchase before placing an order.

College Deans have requested orders for their departments be submitted by specific individuals. If you are not authorized and place an order, the order will be redirected to the dean, department chair or an authorized individual within your college or department for review and approval prior to the order being placed. As a result, your order may be delayed.


All computer orders (including iPads and other tablet devices) must be submitted online using Help Desk Self Service.

The State of Idaho requires new computer purchases to be of standard configurations (which are of high quality and available at a deep discount) with choices of brands and models. Exceptions may be requested for legitimate academic use.

  • iPads and other tablet devices cannot be purchased via p-card, nor can employees be reimbursed for purchasing such equipment with personal funds.
  • Brand preference or budget availability are not considered for exceptions.
  • We strongly recommend you purchase a State of Idaho standard machine unless you have specific needs that demand a different type of hardware configuration.
  • See our vendors page for State of Idaho-contracted computer vendors. OIT Business Services will place orders and charge them to a P-card (or submit a Purchase Order).
  • Please review University Computing Standards for a list of supported hardware and software.
  • Note that OIT User Support provides authorized on-site warranty repair for Dell and Apple desktop computers.
  • Please review AppleCare+ warranty information for iPads and iPhones.


All network printers must be ordered online using Help Desk Self Service.

Departments may use Help Desk Self Service to order local (non-networked) printers, or may order directly from vendors contracted with the State of Idaho following appropriate State and University purchasing policies.


Servers must meet University Server Administration Standards.

“Servers” include any computing device running server software from Microsoft, Apple, or other Unix/Linux software providers; also, any personal computer configured to offer network services to other computers.

Managers of Boise State University IT resources shall seek and adopt, whenever possible, best practices for acquisition, implementation, management and replacement of IT resources. Departments need to submit a requisition to the Department of Purchasing through Oracle Financials Cloud via myBoiseState.

How to Order

For new computer orders, please submit a request through Help Desk Self Service.

If you are requesting a non-standard configuration, our Procurement Team will work with your department to obtain an appropriate computer for your needs.

Request Assistance

OIT will configure equipment based on your needs upon request. You will be notified of the cost prior to OIT placing the order.

Submit a request online to Help Desk Self Service. Please include any external devices (DVD-RW drives, USB flash drives, etc.) in your request.

Machines used for administrative purposes must be able to operate within the University’s network and PeopleSoft using University supported hardware and software.

Order Confirmations

Vendor order confirmations will be e-mailed or faxed to the individual who placed the order, along with other pertinent order information.

Payment Information

Individual machine purchases under $2,000 from State contract vendors will be charged to OIT Business Services P-Cards. Departments will be charged back through the OIT P-Card reconciliation process. Individual machine purchases exceeding $2,000 from State contract vendors will be processed via requisition for a purchase order submitted by OIT Business Services.

Non-contract vendor machine requests require bids (or comparison pricing), which may delay the order. Invoice copies and other payment information for purchases made with OIT P-Cards will be mailed to the department contact as soon as the P-Card payment has been processed.

Departments cannot purchase computers (including iPads and other tablet devices) on their own. P-Cards are monitored for these types of infractions.

Delivery Point and Time

If you are ordering machines for delivery at multiple locations, please note the number of machines and delivery points in your request. Normal delivery time is approximately 10-14 business days from the time the order is placed with the vendor.

Need Assistance?

For further assistance, please contact the OIT Help Desk by phone at 208-426-4357, via e-mail at, or online at Help Desk Self Service.