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Use SafeAssign Assignments


In this document you will learn how to add SafeAssign to assignments.


Adding SafeAssign to assignments allows student papers to be compared to databases of papers to check for problems with proper documentation or plagiarism.

This document assumes that you have logged into and have entered a course site where you have faculty access, the SafeAssign tools have been enabled and there are content areas created on the course site menu.

Adding safeassign to an assignment

  • Click on the content area in the left-hand menu that you wish to put SafeAssign assignment into
    • The content area will appear in the right-hand frame
    • You will see the following items listed horizontally underneath the name of your content area:
Build Content Assessments Tools Publisher Content
  • With edit mode turned on, click on Assessments
  • Choose > Assignment
    • The Add SafeAssignment area is within the assignment creation
  • Add the name of your assignment into the * Name field
  • Add the points that the assignment is worth to the * Points Possible field
  • Click on Submission Details to open this menu
  • Next to Plagiarism Tools Check the box next to Check Submission for plagiarism using SafeAssign
    • If you do not want the submission to be added to the database (or this is draft submission) select to exclude the submission from the Database
  • Click on the Yes radio button next to Make the assessment Available to allow your students to see the assignment link
    • Add text into the Subject field and the Message field to create and optional announcement
  • Click Submit
  • Click OK

Deleting a safeassign assignment

  • With edit mode turned on, click on the Contextual Menu Icon (double down arrows) next to the  assignment you wish to delete
  • Choose > Delete
    • A Challenge Menu appears
  • Click OK.
    • The assignment has been deleted

Reordering a safeassign assignment

  • With edit mode turned on, Click and hold on the double sided arrow to the left-hand side of the assignment you would like to move
    • The cursor will change to a four-sided arrow
  • Drag the assignment up or down and drop it in the desired location

For Assistance

Help Desk (Zone at the ILC):