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Digication Support (Faculty)

Digication Service to End

Boise State’s contract with Digication will expire in August 2018, and the service will no longer be supported after that date. The decision to end the Digication service on campus involved student and faculty review, low usage by instructors, and the overall cost of the service.

To preserve your saved e-portfolio(s), you have the following options:

Contact Digication directly at and request your e-portfolio content be maintained by Digication for a fee.
Use the Download option in Digication, accessed through the Portfolio Tools tab on your e-portfolio. If you have problems downloading your content, please contact

If you need assistance with your Digication content, please schedule an appointment by contacting the Office of Information Technology at (208) 426-4446, or email

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  • Templates

  • Assignments

  • Standards

    In Digication, standards are predetermined learning outcomes or evaluative criteria that can be used to assess student learning, program objectives, or university learning outcomes. They are often associated with individual assignments and used to assess the performance of individual students, though they can also be associated with an entire course or an academic program. Standards are organized as either sets or collections:

    • A set is a pre-defined list of standards (such as standards established by a state board of education or a licensing agency)
    • A collection is composed of standards gathered from different sets; for instance, the collection “Freshman Competencies” might be derived from the standards of critical inquiry, writing, and oral communication documented in university learning outcomes.

    Standards are stored in the Boise State standards library after being created by Digication administrators. They are then available for use by academic departments, university administration, and faculty.

    For more information about standards, see the Assessment Management System Help Guide.

  • Rubrics

    In Digication, a rubric is a set of criteria used to assess the extent to which a student has met the standards associated with an assignment. Sometimes a rubric has already been associated with a standard, in which case associating the standard with an assignment also associates that rubric with the assignment. If a rubric hasn’t yet been associated with a standard or assignment, the instructor can select a rubric from a library of existing rubrics or create a new rubric.

    You add a rubric to an assignment by first adding a rubric block to the workflow of the assignment. Digication offers three kinds of rubric blocks:

    • Teacher Rubric: This block allows a teacher to complete summative assessment of each studentʼs work. The teacher can select and score a rubric and enter comments on the work being assessed
    • Peer Rubric: This block allows peer summative assessment of another students’ work via a rubric
    • Self Rubric: This block allows each student to self-evaluate their own work via a rubric

    For more information about rubrics, see the Assessment Management System Help Guide.

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