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Configure Your Course in Digication


At the start of each semester, Digication is automatically populated with courses currently being offered. Both students and instructors will be enrolled in the appropriate courses. The following instructions guide you through the process of configuring your course in Digication.
  • Navigate to your course by clicking the Courses Tab

2016-06-24 12_36_24-Digication

  • Choose a course from your course list

Picture of selecting a course from my courses menu

  • When your course opens, you will see a series of tabs that allow you to set up your course, add assignments, and add standards.

Image of Course Notifications screen

  • Assignments: View the Final e-Portfolio assignment, also you can add other assignments here
  • Standards: View if any standards are associated with your course, you are able to add standards
  • Discussions: Manage and view discussions
  • e-Portfolios: Lists all e-Portfolios that students in your course have created
  • People: Lists all of the faculty and students associated with your course
  • Settings: Set the tools you wish to have available

For Assistance

Help Desk (Zone at the ILC):