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Create Assignments


In Digication an assignment can have multiple steps that comprise an assignment workflow, allowing you to customize what evidence and assessment steps are associated with the assignment. For example, a simple assignment might have only two steps—a student submitting a section of their portfolio as an
“Evidence” step and the instructor providing feedback through a “Teacher Reflection” step. More complex assignments might include such steps as students using a self-evaluation rubric or revising a submission and re-submitting it. The order of these steps is completely flexible, but an evidence step should always come first. The instructions below document the process of creating assignments.

Adding an Assignment

  • Login to Digication
  • Select the appropriate course from the list of courses

2016-06-15 14_12_23-Digication

  • Select the Assignments tab


  • Select Add Assignment


  • Enter a title and description for the assignment


  • Select Save


Adding an Evidence Step

Adding an Evidence Step enables students to submit work to their e-Portfolio in response to an assignment. Without this step, students are unable to submit an assignment to their e-Portfolio

  • Click the button labeled +Add Step
  • Select Evidence from the drop-down menu of workflow options
  • Click the button labeled +Add This Step
  • Enter the details for the assignment evidence. Provide a name for the evidence (for example, Reflective Essay). Provide other relevant details (due date, availability, etc.)Note: If you want ALL students to be able to submit an assignment more than once, check the box next to “Yes” under the Step Option “After step is completed, should changes be allowed?” Students may then make changes to the assignment and upload the most recent version
  • Click Save

For Assistance

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