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Create e-Portfolio Templates


A template is a shell of an e-Portfolio, often consisting of a predetermined color scheme (or theme) and established sections, modules, and pages. Students can use a template as a foundation for their own e-Portfolio, modifying the template as necessary. This section will guide you through the process of creating an e-Portfolio template for a course.

Note: After creating a template, consider adding prompts that tell students how to use it. Some examples of prompts are in the following templates:

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Creating a template starts out the same as creating an e-Portfolio. On the bottom left of your Dashboard page, in the My e-Portfolios section, click the Create button

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  • Enter a title for your template e-Portfolio, then choose a template. If you want to create your own, select Create From Scratch


  • Choose a theme for you template. If you don’t want to use your selected template’s theme, uncheck the box beside Use selected template’s theme and select a new theme. If you want to create your own theme, click on the Customize button to change your directory icon, header image, CSS or footer
  • In the Permissions section, select Private to me for now (you can always go back and change this later). Then click on Custom permissions at the bottom, and under Additional Permissions, click the green plus sign next to the search field. A list of all the courses you teach will display. Select the course you want to associate with your template.


  • Choose your desired settings for Tagging, Comments and Conversations, and then click on the Create New e-Portfolio button at the bottom.


  • Your newly created e-Portfolio will then display for you. To assign it as a template for your course, click on the Courses tab at the very top of the page. Under My Courses, click on your course, and then click on the e-Portfolios tab. You should then see the e-Portfolio you just created. Click on the Manage Access button to the right of it
  • In the area labeled Template, select Yes. Then click the Save button


  • Your e-Portfolio template will now be available to students in your course. Each student will click on the Create e-Portfolio from Template button to create their e-Portfolio

For Assistance

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