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Enable a Student to Resubmit an Assignment


At times you may want to allow a student to resubmit an assignment after he or she has submitted it a first time. The following instructions guide you through the process.

Enabling an Individual Student to Resubmit an Assignment

  • In the Assignment Grid, click the student’s name. (To ensure privacy, the name is blurred in the image below)


  • In the evidence step that you want to unlock for the student, click the button Submit Evidence


  • In the Comments field, enter any comments you want the student to see (for instance, a note about what the student did incorrectly or what the student needs to submit)
  • Click Save and Unsubmit to unlock the evidence step.
    • Note: If you click Save, the student will be unable to make changes or resubmit the existing evidence

For Assistance

Help Desk (Zone at the ILC):