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Final Portfolio Assignment For First-Year Writing


If you are in the first year writing program you will need to make a final portfolio assignment for your course. Below we will show you what you will need to know before starting this assignment.

Note: The following instructions are for use by English Department faculty teaching in the First-Year Writing Program. The instructions are specific to the program’s Final Portfolio assignment. For general instructions for creating assignments, see “Creating Assignments.”

Before You Begin

If you are not currently in your course, select your course from your Digication Home page.

To Add the FYW Final Portfolio Assignment

  • Select the Assignments tab.
  • Select +Add Assignment.
    • Note: If there is already a final portfolio assignment here, skip the next four steps.
  • Select Browse Assignments.
  • Select First-Year Writing Instructors from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Go.
  • Select Add.

To Revise the Assignment Name and Description

  • Select Edit to change the name of the assignment. (Delete “FYWP COPY THIS.”)
  • Add information from your portfolio assignment sheet to the text box. This will provide details for your students.
  • Select Save.

To Add an Evidence Step

This step enables students to submit work to their e-Portfolio. Without this step, they will not be able to submit an assignment.

  • Select +Add Step to enable students to submit their work for assessment.
  • Select Evidence from the list of workflow options.
  • Select +Add This Step.
  • Enter the details for the assignment evidence.
    • Enter a name for the evidence (My Final Portfolio).
    • Enter the details (due date, availability).
  • Select Save.

You have successfully added an assignment that will enable students to submit work to their e-Portfolios!

When you return to your course Assignments tab, you will see the assignment and your students listed.

For Assistance

Help Desk (Zone at the ILC):