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​Add Students to Existing Groups


In Blackboard you can create group sets to distribute your students. In this article we will show you how to add students to existing groups.

Assign students to groups

  • Select groups under the control panel

Picture of the groups button

  • Select all users within the groups page

Picture of the all users button

  • Check the desired user names
  • Click add multiple users to groups

Checked usernames

  • Note: If more groups are available in the course than needed, you may delete the groups for which no students have been assigned. This will delete graded discussion columns from the gradebook for the unused groups.
  • Note: Students may be assigned to more than one group. For example, a student may belong to large project groups as well as a small discussion group.

Group Smart Views

  • Select Groups
  • Select the chevron picture of downward chevron next to the groups name
  • Choose Create Smart View from the drop down

Smart View Quick Links

  • Go into the Grade Center
  • Click Manage in the orange toolbar
  • select Smart Views
  • Find the Smart Views that you want to add as quick links in the Grade Center menu
  • Select Add as Favorite 
  • Click OK
  • You should then see the Smart View links listed in the Grade Center menu

For Assistance

Help Desk (Zone at the ILC):