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Smart Views


In this document we will show you how to create a smart view and explain the different settings in that creation process.
  • Navigate to your Blackboard Course
  • Click full grade center in the bottom left menu
  • Hover over manage on the action bar 
  • Choose Smart Views from the drop-down menu
  • Click Create Smart View
  • Give the Smart View a name and an optional description
  • Click the add as favorite check-box
    • Note: The Favorite Smart View will now appear in the Grade Center section of the Control Panel under Full Grade Center
  • Select the Type of View:
    • Course Group: Subsections of students. Course groups must be created before they can be used as selection criteria
    • Performance: Student performance on a single item, such as a mid-term exam
    • User: Individual students
    • Category and Status: Based on a category, such as Assignment or Test, user or users, and grade status, such as Completed or Not Attempted
    • Custom: A query for selecting students using a combination of attributes
  • Click Submit

For Assistance

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