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Manage Your Course Menu


In this document you will learn how to customize the course site menu.


Course sites contain content and tools for teaching and learning, the instructor assigned to the course manages access to content and tools through the course menu and control panel. Blackboard course sites have two side-by-side frames. The smaller, left-hand frame displays the course menu. The larger, right-hand frame displays content that can be changed by clicking on the links in the course menu.

Adding links to the course menu

  • Click on the + sign at the top left corner of the course menu to add one of the following types of links:
    • Content area
    • Tool link (select the desired tool from the drop down)
    • Course link
    • External link
    • Module page
    • Subheader
    • Divider
  • Type the title of the item in the required Name: field
  • Click the Available to Users box if you want the allow access to the item at this time
  • Add any other information to the fields needed to provide the link or information you wish users to access
  • Click the Submit button to add the item to the course menu

Deleting menu items

  • With edit mode turned on, click on the contextual menu icon (two down-facing chevrons in a grey box) located to the right of the item you wish to delete
  • Click >Delete
    • An explanation/challenge menu will appear
  • Click OK to delete the menu item

Reordering menu items

  • With edit mode turned on, click and hold the up and down arrow to the left-hand side of the menu item you wish to move up or down in the menu list
    • The mouse icon will turn into a four-sided arrow icon
  • Drag the menu item up or down the list and release the mouse button to drop the item in the desired spot

For Assistance

Help Desk (Zone at the ILC):