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Add and Manage Content Items and Folders


By adding files to the content collection you will be able to access the content from anywhere in Blackboard, and will be able to pull the content directly from your content collection instead of your computer. In this article we will show you how to add and manage content items and folders.

Upload Files

  • Go to your Blackboard course 
  • Click content collection in the control panel menu
  • Click the ID number of your course 
  • You are now in your course site file management area.  You can create folders to assist you in managing your course site files.
  • Hover over upload and select upload files.  Upload zip packages should be selected if you wish to upload a .zip file.
  • In the top right select Single File or Multiple Files
  • Click Choose File,  if Single File is selected
  • Multiple Files you to drag and drop multiple files and/or folders to upload, but may require you to enable Java, this is browser dependent.

Access Uploaded Content

  • Go to your Blackboard course 
  • Click the course menu item you wish to add content (file) to. i.e. Course Documents
  •  Hover above Build Content
  • Select Item
  • Select Browse Content Collection in the Attachments area to select the required file.


For Assistance

Help Desk (Zone at the ILC):