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Add and Delete a Blog


In this document you will learn how to add and delete a blog.


Blog writing assignments are another medium for reflective learning. With this type of assignment, Students are expected to display their research, analytical, and communication skills through a series of commentaries meant for public consumption and comment.
In the course environment, Blogs are only able to be viewed by enrolled users. Similar to Journals, Blogs can be used as a graded assignment or ungraded to gather opinions and information.

Instructors can create one or more Blogs for use by Students in their courses. Blog topics must be created before Students can add their entries.

This document assumes that you have logged into and have entered a course site where you have faculty access and the blog tool has been enabled.

Add a Blog

  • Click on the blog tool link in the Course Tools list
    • The Blogs page appears
  • Click on the Create Blog link at the top of the page
    • The Create Blogs form appears
  • Add the name of your wiki into the * Name field
    • Add text into the Instructions field to provide your students with instructions or a description of what you expect to happen on the blog
  • Click on the Yes radio button next Blog Availability to make the forum available for your students to see
    • Make the appropriate selections under the 4. Blog Participation, 5. Blog Settings and 6. Grade Settings areas to configure the blog appropriately
  • Click Submit
  • Click OK
    • You have created a blog

Delete a Blog

  • From the blog page, click on the Contextual Menu Icon (double down arrows) next to the blog you wish to delete
  • Choose > Delete
    • A Challenge Menu appears
  • Click OK
    • The blog has been deleted

Reorder a Blog

  • From the blog page, click and hold on the double sided arrow to the left-hand side of the blog you would like to move
    • The cursor will change to a four-sided arrow
  • Drag the assignment up or down and drop it in the desired location

Click on this link for a the video Commenting on Blog Entries.

For Assistance

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