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Attach Files to a Content Item


When communicating with others in a course you can attach files to content items for sharing purposes. In this article we will explain how to attach files to a content item.

Attach File

  • There are two options for adding files to content items
    • You can add it directly into the text field using the attach file button
    • You can also use the attach file field below the text box
    • Note:  Both of these options will allow you to either browse your computer or your Bb content collection

picture of the attach button

Attach Image

  • When attaching an image select the insert/ edit image button

Picture of the Attach Image button

  • From here you can choose to upload a picture from your computer or the content collection
  • If the image is on the web you can paste the url instead of uploading it
    • Note: If you do this there is a chance that the owner of the image will change the url and as a result the link will not work
  • Once uploaded make sure to give the image a description and title so users with screen readers can get an idea of what is being displayed

Picture of the page url text field

  • Once finished click insert
  • After inserting the image click submit to save your changes

For Assistance

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