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Blackboard Goals Report Overview


This article explains how to use Blackboard Reports to track progress with Blackboard Goals.

View reports on goals coverage

Instructors can run two reports about goals in a single course.  Goals update one-time per day.

  • On the Control Panel, expand the Evaluation section and select Course Reports.

Screenshot of the Control Panel, the Evaluation Button highlighted, and the Course Reports Button Highlighted

  • The Course Coverage Report presents data on how a course’s content covers goals and where gaps exist. (Click on the image for a larger view)

screenshot of course coverage report

  • The Course Performance Report allows you to set acceptable performance target values and ranges for goals. The report shows how students’ work that is aligned to those goals measures up to the target value. (Click on the image for a larger view)

screenshot of the Course Performance Report

Goals report data is automatically refreshed 1 time per day.

Video: Blackboard Goals Report (Please note, this video is not made for Boise State University, but will show you examples of reporting options within Blackboard.)

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