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Chat in Blackboard Collaborate


Blackboard collaborate is a great tool to use for chat. This document will show you how to use chat in Blackboard Collaborate.

Manipulate Chat Window

Detach Chat Panel

  • Click the top of the chat panel
  • Drag the chat panel to where you you want it OR click the panel options and choose detach panel
  • If you want it re-attached drag it back to the side panel OR click the panel options and choose attach panel

Chat Options

Collapse Chat Panel

  • Click the collapse button at the top of the chat window

Collapse Chat Window

  • To expand the chat panel repeat the previous step


Send Message

  • Click the text box at the bottom of the chat panel
  • Enter your message 
  • Press Enter 

Change Font Size

  • To change the font size click the chat options button and choose Increase or Decrease Font Size

Chat Options

Send Announcement

  • To send an announcement click the chat options button
  • Choose Send Announcement  and the announcements box will appear
  • Enter your message
  • Decide whether or not you want to send it to all chat rooms or just your current one
  • Click Send 

Copy and Paste Chats

  • Click and drag the chat that you want to copy
  • To copy text press CTRL+C on PC OR Command+C on MAC
  • To paste text press CTRL+V on PC OR Command+V on MAC

Switch Chat Rooms

  • At the bottom of the chat panel click the chat room you wish to view

Chat Rooms

Send Private Chat to User

  • In the participant panel double click the desired users name
  • a chat room should pop up
  • Make sure that chat room is selected
  • Type your message
  • Press Enter to send the message

For Assistance

Help Desk (Zone at the ILC):