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Course Cartridge


This document shows you how to use course cartridges.


Course Cartridges enable Instructors to gain access to complete sets of teaching tools provided by academic publishers. In one central location, Instructors can find relevant, publisher-created materials. Once the materials are downloaded to a Blackboard Course, instructors are free to customize the content by adding and deleting materials as needed to correlate with specific topics covered in the classroom.
Course Cartridges can serve as supplements to existing online Courses, or provide an excellent start for faculty who are just beginning to develop online teaching strategies. Instructors will benefit from the ease of use, variety, and professional quality of the materials available from their text publisher on Course Cartridges.
Instructors can download Course Cartridges from their text publisher and import the content.

Importing your eBook Cartridge

  • Click Packages and Utilities in your course control panel menu
  • Click Import Course Cartridge
  • Enter your download key
    Note: The Course Cartridge Key can be obtained from the publisher. Without a Download Key, it is not possible to add Course Cartridge content
  • Click Submit
    WARNING: Wait one half hour after receiving confirmation Email to verify the success (contents) of your cartridge import

For Assistance

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