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Create a Blackboard Portfolio


This document demonstrates how to create a Blackboard Portfolio.


  • Create a Blackboard Portfolio for a particular course site by signing into signing into Blackboard and selecting the Blackboard Course Site to make a Portfolio in.
  • Once in the Course Site, determine if the Instructor has created a link to the Portfolio Page in the Course Menu or in any weekly folders.  Here is an Example of a Portfolio link in the Course Menu:

Screenshot of the Portfolios Button in Course Menu

  • Blackboard Portfolios can also be accessed by selecting Tools from the Course Menu.
  • From the Tools Menu select Portfolios Homepage. (Click image for larger view)

Screenshot of the Tools button selected in the Course Menu. Select the Portfolios Homepage Listing on the Tools Screen.

  • From the My Portfolios page, select the Create Portfolio button to create a new Portfolio. (Click on image for larger view)

Screenshot of the My Portfolios page, Create Portfolio button is highlighted

  • A new screen will pop up, enter a Title and Description for the Portfolio.
    • Disregard the “Select Portfolio Template” button, Boise State University currently does not use this feature.
  • Edit the Settings if needed.
  • Select Submit to create the Portfolio.
  • Users will be offered to take a Getting Started with Portfolio Tour, this tour is recommended for first-time and returning users who need a refresher.
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