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How to create and grade a Portfolio Assignment in Blackboard


This article demonstrates how to create a graded assignment using Blackboard Portfolios.

Assigned portfolios

You can request that portfolios be submitted for course assignments. To do this:

  • Create an Assignment in a content area

screenshot of the Assignments Folder; Select Assessments from content build bar; select Assignment

  • While creating the assignment settings (Creating Assignment Help Articles), expand Submission Details and select Portfolio Submission.
    • Boise State currently does not use Portfolio Templates, but if you would like to inquire further about templates please contact
    • Portfolio snapshot submissions made through an assignment aren’t listed in the student’s list of shared portfolio snapshots and can’t be rescinded like other sharing events.

screenshot of Assignment Settings Page; Assignment Type Section has Portfolio submission selected

Basic Grading

  • Portfolios are graded like any assignment.  Go to the Grade Center and scroll to the Grade Center Column you wish to grade.

screenshot of the Grade Center, locate the column for your Portfolio Assignment, see the Needs Grading symbol for the submitted portfolio

  • Select the drop-down chevron next to the Needs Grading symbol and click on Attempt [date] to view the submitted Portfolio Assignment

Screenshot of the Gradecenter, selecting the drop-down chevron and viewing the option menu. Attempt [date] is highlighted

  • From here you can view and grade the Portfolio.

example of the Portfolio grading screen.



For Assistance

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