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Create a Course Module Page


In this document you will learn how to create a notification dashboard home page.

The Notifications Dashboard contains four basic modules that give information to users based on their enrollment and their role in the system. Which modules are available and what type of notifications are delivered is controlled by the instructor. Users with multiple enrollments will receive information in modules for all their classes and organizations. Users with multiple roles will receive information in modules for all their roles. Users can navigate to individual items to take action.

Instructors can customize the notifications that appear on this page, as well as opt to
have email notifications sent to their account.

The page displays these modules:

    • Needs Attention – Displays all items in a course that require some type of interaction.
      Instructors, TAs, and Graders see assignments, tests, and surveys that have been
    • Alerts – Displays past due and early warning notifications for all courses. Instructors,
      TAs, and Graders see the users in each course that have past due items and who have
      generated early warning messages. Links are provided to email students and view early
      warning system rules. Students see any assignments, tests, or other items that are past due
      and any early warning messages received
    • What’s New – Displays a list of new items in all relevant courses and organizations.
      Instructors, TAs, and Graders see any new assignments that have been submitted, tests
      that have been submitted, new discussion board posts. Students see new discussion board
      posts, new grades posted, new content that is available
    • To Do – Displays the status (Past Due/Due) of relevant course work and tasks. Students
      see any grade items that have listed due dates in two categories, what is past due and
      what is due in the future. Links to relevant course items are provided
      • Hover over the plus sign then click create module page
      • Enter Your module page name and check available to users box
      • Click submit
      • Click the new course menu item at the bottom of your course menu
      • Click add course module
      • Check the appropriate modules you want displayed on your home page
      • Click submit to view your new home page

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