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Create a Journal


This document you will show you how to create a Journal


Journals are a personal space for Students to communicate privately with the Instructor. Students can also use Journals as a self-reflective tool to post their opinions, ideas, and concerns about the course, or discuss and analyze course related materials. Journal assignments can be broad and student-directed as the Students reflect on the learning process and document changes in their perceptions and attitudes. Students can describe problems faced and how they solved them. Instructor directed Journal entries can be more formal in nature and can narrow the focus by listing topics for discussion.

Journals are ideal for individual projects. For example, in a Creative Writing course, the owner of each Journal creates entries and the instructor adds comments. In this manner, the Student can refine a section of a writing assignment over a period of time, using the Instructor’s guidance and suggestions. The Student can also comment on his or her entries to continue the conversation with the Instructor. Journals can be used as a graded assignment or ungraded to gather opinions and information. Instructors can create one or more Journals for use by Students in their courses. Journal topics must be created before Students can add their entries.

  • Click Journals in the Course Tools menu in your Control Panel
  • Click Create Journal
  • Enter Name and instructions
  • Click Yes to make the Journal available to the users
  • Select the Display After and Display Until date and time fields to Limit Availability of the Journal. Click both the Display After and Display Until checkboxes in order to enable the date and time selections
  • Choose between Monthly or Weekly index entries
  • Click the check box to Allow Users to Edit and Remove Entries
  • Click the check box to Allow Users to Remove Comments
  • Click the check box to Permit Course Users to View Journal
    • Note: Checking this box will allow all course users to view other student’s journals. But they can’t add comments
  • Select Grading if appropriate
    • Note: If grading is selected a corresponding column will be added to your Grade Center
  • Click Submit

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