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Create and Manage Groups


In this document you will learn how to Create and Manage Groups.


The Course Groups feature allows instructors to create groups of students within a course. These course Groups have their own area in Blackboard. These spaces are equipped with tools that can assist in this collaborative process: Blogs, Journals, file sharing and Group Assignments.
Instructors can create a single group or multiple groups in which students can be enrolled manually, automatically, or by allowing the students to enroll themselves. These enrollments can be changed at any time. These groups can be linked through the Course Content page like any other Course Content item.

Groups Page

The Groups Page will show all groups, group sets and all users.  Click to enlarge the image below for additional details.
Groups page

All Users

The All users view will show all users, the groups they are in and will allow to add or remove a user from a group.


Group Tools Management

To access the Group Tools area select All Groups from the options in the upper right of the groups page.

Below the list of groups select View Options

Untitled image (1)

This will display every group and every tool that is available. Tools with a green check mark are available to the group users. Tools with a red X are not available. Click on the symbol to change it.


For Assistance

Help Desk (Zone at the ILC):