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Date Management


The date management tool will allow you to adjust all your Blackboard course dates at once. This will make it easier to integrate a course from a previous semester to the current one.


There will be three options for date adjustment, however after extensive testing we have determined that “list all dates for review” is the best option for courses at Boise State. This tool does not allow you to adjust displayed eBook publisher item dates. This should be done via your eBook publisher tools.

Enable Date management tool

Add Date Management To Your Course

  • Navigate to your new Blackboard course 
  • Click Customization in the control panel 
  • Click Tool Availability 
  • Click the available check box next to Date Management 
  • Click Submit

Access Date Management Tool

  • Click Course Tools in the control panel
  • Click Date Management 

From here you can choose how you want to change the dates within your course

Date Adjustment

  • In the date adjustment page select list all dates for review
  • Click start
  • Once the collection process is finished click next
  • On this page all your date sensitive content will appear
  • Click the edit icon Edit Icon to select an item to edit the date on
  • Change the assignments due date
  • Click the Submit ButtonSubmit Button when finished to confirm the changed date


For Assistance

Help Desk (Zone at the ILC):