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Delegated Grading


This document shows you how to activate and use delegated grading within your course site.

WARNING:  If a student does not complete the assignment you cannot give them a zero. This means that if the student does not complete the assignment it will not change their grade in anyway. The current work-around for this is to download the grade book change the score to a zero and then re-upload it.


Delegated Grading is a great tool to use when grading large classes. It allows you to distribute sets of students within the course to be graded by specific users such as teaching assistants, instructors, and graders. Delegated graders have the same ability to grade like you; however, you get to choose which group of students they can grade. After your delegated graders have graded and provided feedback to their groups an instructor can then review and determine the final grade for each student.

Enable Delegated Grading

  • Navigate to a location within your course site where you want your assignment
  • Hover over assessments and click assignment
  • In the create assignment menu click the grading options drop-down menu 
  • Click the enable delegated grading bubble and all the users within your course that can grade will appear
  • Click the drop-down list next to a users name to assign submissions to grade
    • None- This option allows you to prevent a user from grading anyone that submitted this assignment
    • All submission- This option allows the user to grade all submissions
    • Random Set- This allows you to assign random students to users
      • Note: Selecting this option will allow you choose how many students will be randomly chosen
    • Groups- This option allows the user to grade all students within a selected group
  • If you select the view settings option for a user it allows them to view other graders’ scores, feedback, and notes
  • The reconcile grades column allows you to see which users can reconcile grades

Notifications for the Graders

Each grader will get notifications every time someone in their delegation of students completes the assignment. They can then proceed to grade the assignments.

Access and Grade Submissions

  • In the course click grade center in the course menu 
    • Note: You can also click on needs grading both will take you to the submissions
  • Click the downward chevron next to the students attempt and click the attempt 
  • Provide the student with their grade and feedback

Notifications for Grades to Reconcile

As your graders grade the assignments you will get notifications to reconcile the grades. You can find these notifications in the following areas:

  • On the Needs Grading page
    • Located on the action bar
  • On the Grade Center grid
    • The Needs Reconciliation icon appears in the cells
  • Individual email notifications, if enabled

Reconcile Grades

The reconcile grades page is located in a couple locations:

  • On the Needs Grading page
    • Located on the action bar
  • Full grade center

Note: Only instructors can view the reconcile grades page

On the reconcile grades page there are several fields you should be aware of.


  • A= Show Grader Progress: Click to view the progress of all graders, the average grade that this grader assigned, and the number of attempts
  • B= Show Detail View: Click the icon to view existing grades, feedback, and view a rubric if one has been associated.
    • Note: From this view, you can hide the feedback given by the grader, give your own feed back, and give the final grade
  • C= Add Grader: Click the + icon to open a pop-up window to add one or more graders for this student
  • D= Determine Final Grade: Use the drop-down list next to each students attempt to assign a grade to an individual student
    • Note: You can also use the drop-down list next at the top above the attempts to bulk grade all assignments

For Assistance

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