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Edit, Add and Reorder Pages in a Portfolio


This document demonstrates to edit, add, and reorder Pages in a Blackboard Portfolio.

Blackboard Portfolio default starts the user off with Page 1.  This Page is visible in the main editor (for adding Archived Items and Sections) as well as on the navigation menu listed on the left side of the screen in this layout. (Click on image for larger view)  

screenshot of the Create Portfolio Page with Page 1 Highlighted

Edit Page Title

  • To edit the title of the Page select the pencil icon pencil icon next to the text “Page 1”.  Make Edits.
  • Select Save when done.

screenshot of the edit screen for Page Title

Add a New Page

  • Add a new page by selecting the “+” symbol in the navigation menu
    • This will add a New Page and Section, default named Page 2 and Section 1. (Click on Image for a Larger View)

screenshot of the Add Page button.

Reorder Pages

Portfolios are often used as a showcase of work.  Sometimes users might want to rearrange the Page order on their Portfolio.

  • In the Navigation Menu use the up and down navigation buttons to move the Page location.  You can drag-and-drop the reordering symbol, or click on the symbol and use the reordering menu.

screenshot of the navigation menu with re-ordering buttons highlighted





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