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Error Message Received By Instructors When Downloading a Student’s Submitted File

If you are an instructor trying to download a student’s submitted assignment off of Blackboard, please be aware that Blackboard has been giving some users an error message and there is a workaround for this issue.

Encountering the Error Message:

  • When going to the student’s assignment, most instructors attempt to download the document/file by selecting the download button on the right-hand side of the screen.

Screenshot of blackboard with download button circles

  • When clicking this button, some instructors have been encountering an error message which prevents the document from downloading.

screenshot of error message: Red bar across the top of the screen. Message begins with "Could not instantiate bean class"


  • This is a “Known Issue” with Blackboard.  The recommended solution is to update your browser’s Java Software.
  • Work-Around: For the time being, the temporary workaround for accessing the submitted document is to select the Download Button from the top of previewed assignment frame.  The document will now successfully download.

screenshot of blackboard. the download button from the top of the screen is circled





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