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Filter Grade Center Display by Section


When a course contains multiple sections it can be useful to separate them within the grade center. The instructions below show you how to use smart views to filter the grade center display by section.

Create Group Sets

  • Navigate to your Blackboard Course Site
  • Click users and groups in the control panel menu
  • Click Groups
  • Hover your mouse over Create
  • Click Manual Enroll under group set
    • Note: You must select the manual enroll under group set; if you select the wrong manual enroll this will not work.

Picture of the correct manual enroll under create

  • Enter the name for the group set
  • Choose no on group is visible to students
  • Uncheck all the tool availability options 
  • Uncheck the allow personalization setting box
  • In the number of groups box enter the number of sections your course contains
  • Check the check-box labeled Create smart view for each group in set
  • Click submit

Edit Group Set Enrollments

  • After following the steps above you should be at the Edit Groups Set Enrollments page 
  • Under the first section click the add users button
  • In the add users window check the boxes for the students in this section
    • Note: you can change the sorting of the list by clicking on the column header
    • Note: Remember which section is which so you can change the name later
  • Click Submit 
  • Click grade center
  • Click full grade center
  • Hover your mouse over manage
  • Click Smart Views
  • Click the downward chevronDrop arrow next to the sections
  • Click edit
  • Change the names and click submit
  • If you want to favorite these sections click the star next to them
    • Note: Your favorites will now appear under your grade center in the control panel 


For Assistance

Help Desk (Zone at the ILC):